The past month has been a great time of excitement and discovery as we successfully launched the second edition of our quarterly report – On the Radar Volume 2!


On The Radar sets the industry standard as the definitive guide to the most influential next-generation talents from across the African continent. Covering entertainers, athletes and social innovators, our list of 50 influencers set out to draw attention to the outstanding creatives pushing the boundaries of their respective craft and making it impossible for us to ignore them.


Having worked with some of the most successful professionals across the global cultural landscape has led to our expertise in identifying individuals with the right reach, relevance, and resonance. Using this knowledge we aim to maximise the potential of our chosen artists and the brands we align them with.


The power of influence is vast, but it requires the right pairing to make the most out of it. “I want to influence the other young people to think about ‘what it actually means to be a young African right now’?” – says rapper and poet, Sho Madjozi whose soon to be released album is sure to put her at the top of the Hip-Hop scene.


Anthony Bila and Manthe Ribane


In addition to the Top 50, CSA has identified a specially honoured Top 15 – individuals who are no longer on the verge of breaking in but are in fact well on their way to international success. Our Top 15 are the upper echelon African talents who have cashed in on their potential and are set to dominate the forthcoming years. They are the envy of their contemporaries, beloved by fans, and coveted by brands locally and abroad.


Influencer marketing is the new gold standard for linking consumers with the brands they desire. Giving a face and personality to a brand has become the preferred method of creating engagement. Markets are more and more fragmented, and trying to create a message that appeals to a significant portion of the desired audience is becoming increasingly difficult.


Through the power of influencers, brands can tap into the already existing credibility and fan base that comes with being one of the rising and established talents we have identified.


“Influence means getting inspired for me, whether it be music, art, fashion or business, it essentially means you were inspired”, says Frank Casino. When artists believe so much in the power they wield fans automatically gravitate to them and buy into their vision. This mindset is golden to any brand who wants to resonate with an influencer’s audience.


Imraan Christian



Which brings us to another reason we created On the Radar. Not only do we wish it to be a platform to showcase the melting pot of talent on the continent, but also connect influential talent with other creatives and brands with similar ideas with the goal of bringing African talent to the world.


In less than a month since the release, the report has been seen in over 40 countries and garnered praise from Norway, Canada, Burma, and Australia to name a few.


The buzz surrounding the featured artists has been equally impressive, with everyone taking notice.



As part of On the Radar, media outlets such Melenial Mag has profiled style blogger star, Twiggy Moli while TV personality, Tumi Voster appeared on the popular magazine program, Top Billing. The Top 15 have had an especially successful journey: artist and activist Imraan Christian was featured in the pages of the Cape Argus, while Frank Casino debuted his collaboration with U.S. rapper A$AP Ferg. Thebe Magugu was named by trend authority, WGSN as having one of the world’s ten best shows for this fashion season while Yung Swiss collaborated with up and coming rapper J-Molley on the infectious single, Cold. The Expressionist, Anthony Bila continues to produce stellar work having recently photographed On the Radar alums Shane Eagle and Manthe Ribane in quick succession. Thabsie helmed the SA idols finale alongside Kwesta, and The Drumboss, Heavy K returns to form with the release of the video for his hit single Inde. And finally, designer Rich Mnisi returned from a successful showing of his brand at Nigerian Fashion Week where his work was selected by Vogue Italia as one of the week’s “Best Looks”.

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