Ami Faku has always been an artist in the making and it is the arrival of the debut album “Imali” set to drop the 27th September 2019 that sees the coming together of a young girl singing in her father’s church, a breakout performance on the Voice SA, a series of professional disappointments and broken promises, a name change, to launching her debut single “Ndikhethe Wena”.


Formerly known as Amanda, Ami Faku emerges as an artist complete with identity, soul and voice. It is this very innate presence of self-awareness that positions her not simply as an artist to watch out for but a singer to firmly keep on the radar.


“Ndikhethe Wena” emerges with a discernible authenticity complete with a voice, self-assured and thoughtful lyrical expression. The track is a sophisticated deconstruction of a neo-afro-soul love letter firmly rooted in the African Milieu and tenderly expressed in Xhosa lyrics. Elegant, textured, mature, thoughtful, the epithets are bountiful when describing Ami Faku’s sound.


CSA The Wire was lucky to briefly interview this talented lady.


What did you learn from your time on the Voice SA?

Firstly, I gained a tremendous amount of confidence as an artist. I also learned how to work under pressure and finally that I must work for what I want.

Musically, which of these lessons have you purposefully brought into your album Imali?

I worked very hard to be authentic and stay true to who I am and having the confidence as an artist to express myself. Imali is a collection of songs where I’m confident on how beautiful my debut album is.

What was the first song you wrote for the album and how did it come about?

“Ndikhethe Wena” was the first song born. The amazing production by “Noble” just told me to be romantic when I wrote it and it’s a feeling that comes through the whole track.

Which cut from the album most connects with you the Artist and with you the music lover?

“Ebhayi” is how I feel everyday ever since I pursued my passion professionally.

What lyric from an artist that you admire do you wish you wrote?

I find the lyrics of “Fix You” by Cold Play so beautiful and intimate

Is collaborating with another artist easy?

So far I’ve had no difficulties and some good songs were created out of good connections with other artists.

Have you ever dealt with performance anxiety?

All the time, it never seems to fade but I push through it to give the song life.

Now that the album is complete and there is the build up to the release, are you still emotionally connected to the songs or are you thinking about new songs already?

I’m very much connected to my debut album and nothing else. My focus is on the release date and how people will react to my project.

How do you remain committed to your dream of being a musician in such a competitive industry?

I believe in my talent and how different I am as an artist, and that alone gives me hope and drive to carry on writing songs and developing a career.

Will you be touring Imali?

Yes I will be, I’ll be doing an album launch on the day of the release, 27th September at Boardwalk, Port Elizabeth with more dates and appearances to follow.

How do you see the future of Xhosa music?

The future is looking great. I’m excited to see how the next generation will approach Xhosa music.

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