Toronto raised and Hollywood bound, actor Shamier Anderson is a strong contender for future global stardom. With leading man looks and talent to match we count ourselves lucky to have the chance get some time with the Wynonna Earp star. Martial arts, pizza binges,  fan tattoos and some hidden talents you might be surprised to learn about were just some of the gems we uncovered when delving just a little deeper into the life of this star on the rise.


Words: Tshiamo Seape


Hello, Shamier. I’d like to get a sense of your background. Where are you from and how did you find your way into acting?

I am from Toronto, Canada. Born and raised of a single parent from Jamaica. I always had a interest for the performance arts. I attended Wexford School For The Arts in Toronto. I majored in Musical Theatre and Drama Focus, graduated with honours from their prestigious theatre program.


Any other creative outlets besides acting that you currently pursue? Does Shamier have any hidden talents?

I am a huge fan of Martial Arts. I am an avid practitioner of Wing Chun Kung Fu. I also love to breakdance in my spare time.


You’re very lucky to be part of a show with a very dedicated fanbase, Earpers. Do you have any fan stories good, bad or in-between that you’d like to share?

I am very lucky to have acquired such a loyal and dedicated fan base. I would say the best fan stories are when I find out that the show has impacted somebody on a personal level. Especially when fans get tattoos or meet new friends through the community of the show.



I would imagine playing a Marshall like Xavier Dolls required some physical preparation, what did this look like?

Gym, Gym and more Gym. Can’t forget a healthy diet….sometimes.


Do you remember the moment you thought that acting was going to be a career? What was the feeling like? 

I still never thought of that moment as of yet. This still feels like a cool dream.


Mentorship is an important part of your public image, so I wanted to find out more about your role in B.L.A.C.K and the success of the B.L.A.C.K Ball to date?

I am the Founder of B.L.A.C.K. My brother Stephan James and I founded this initiative 3 years ago to bring awareness to the film community in Toronto and abroad to honour individuals of colour and specially from the Afro Diaspora community. This past year B.L.A.C.K had partnered up with TIFF making it an official event partner celebrating its 3rd year during the festival.



Coming up as young black artists in Canada do you think representation within the entertainment industry was your biggest challenge or where their other higher hurdles that you had to overcome?

This is an on-going conversation that always can use some improvement. I do believe, my position as an artist of colour, will help motivate others that look like me to continue to push through the hurdles and barriers.


What’s the best part of being an actor?

Finding new qualities in humans and making discoveries in places that I would never dive into if I wasn’t an actor.


In a t-shirt and jeans, just relaxing, where would we find you hanging out during your down time?

Hanging out on my couch watching Netflix and eating Pizza .


What future projects are you most excited about?

 I am very excited for my film Destroyer opposite Nicole Kidman which comes out on Christmas day worldwide.



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