The term “feature” in the case of Nigerian Afrobeat artist, Cheekychizzy, is not a completely accurate descriptor. Most people familiar with the star will no doubt have heard his contributions to fellow Afrobeat sensation, D’banj’s “Lemonade” single and recognised a talent more than capable of holding his own on a solo record.

While the two have a long history of working together, there is still much to learn about the rising star. With the release of his latest single, Kokoma, we took it upon ourselves to get the full scoop on the song and what Cheekychizzy has in store for fans in the coming future.


Words: Tshiamo Seape


So, I have to ask, where does the name come from?

It comes from the stuff I love, chicks and cheese, girls and money. My friends called me Cheekychizzy and that was it.


You’ve worked very closely with fellow artist, D’banj. Who are some other artists who have helped you along your musical journey?

I’m friends with so many people in the industry – D’banj, Wande Coal. Davido and Wizkid. All of them.


Where do you see the state of Afrobeat right now and how could it be improved?

It’s definitely on he rise right now. It’s a genre of music that everyone is trying to tap into. I think it’s only a matter of time before it goes global. People like D’banj and Wizkid are definitely helping to achieve that goal.


Who are some of the new artists on your radar that we should know about?

Koffee and Kojo Funds are artists I’m really enjoying right now. I’m feeling a lot of the stuff coming out of the UK. Skepta is another favourite.

What songs are you listening to right now?

Koffee – Rapture. That’s my tune.


What does “Kokoma” mean and where did  the inspiration for the song come from?

Kokoma is me telling my girl come over. All these other guys that you’re talking to don’t have any money. We have the bread over hear so come over. That’s basically what it stands for.


Can we expect a video?

I’m definitely shooting a video. It’s supposed to be out on the 26th of April so stay tuned.


What are you passion about outside of music?

I like to do business I like to make money. I like to be with a moving crew – people who are progressing. Outside of music I play a lot of games and I also play a lot of basketball.


How do you like to treat yourself – what are some of your favourite things?

I like to go to the spa, I like to hang out with my friends. I like meaningful discussions and of course I like hanging out with pretty ladies too.


Where can fans catch you performing next?

Next I’m performing at D’banj’s UK tour, The Kokoconcert UK tour, coming soon

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