Costa Titch drops fire video for “Monate C”.

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  • Costa Titch – First South African to join international cast for Smirnoff
  • “Monate C.” video celebrates summer-time in Mzansi
  • “Monate C.” features AKA.
  • A. hip hop videos pull in views by the millions.

Costa Titch – First South African to join international cast for Smirnoff

Since his breakout in 2020, Costa Titch has established himself as part of the new vanguard of South African urban culture. The video drop for his latest single, “Monate C”, meanwhile, also comes with the announcement of Costa as a Brand Ambassador for Smirnoff for 2022. Costa is the first South African to join an international cast of other edgy, pioneering creatives such as American actors Anthony Anderson and Laverne Cox and Nigerian DJ Spindle, all of whom have collaborated with the global vodka brand. The partnership will feature a range of collaborations throughout the year including a Birthday Tour featuring Costa and A.K.A. The ‘TitchGang’ Block Party, held a fortnight ago, was the first of such events.

Monate C. video celebrates the ultimate summer in Mzansi

“Monate C” is the latest, and third chart-topping single off A.K.A. and Costa’s collaborative album, “You’re Welcome”, a project which started off as a one-off single and evolved into an entire album. As for the video, it’s a fun summer party bop, shot on location high up on Cape Town’s Atlantic Seaboard and also features A.K.A.

“The video is a celebration of the ultimate summer in Mzansi. In my mind I wanted to see that one special party that everyone remembers, and everyone wishes they were at. A non-stop kaleidoscope of pretty girls, partying, dope cars and epic dancing in a massive, gorgeous house with my friends,” says Costa Titch.

“I’m proud to join forces with Smirnoff, a brand that has worked with such incredible international personalities. It’s been an incredible ride over the last few months and I’m excited to launch my new partnership with the music video drop for “Monate C”. I’m appreciative for all the opportunities I’ve been given in doing something that I love,” he says.

S.A hip hop videos pull in views by the millions

Music videos remain critical for both artist visibility and a song’s exposure and, in South Africa, hip hop music videos continue to pull in the views. Stand outs include “Ngud” by Kwesta with 7.4 million views and A.K.A.’s “Fela In Versace” with 5.8 Million views.

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