There are few things more sacred than a Sunday tradition, and for the fans of Raymond Cure, this is one to be held in high regard.


Words: Tshiamo Seape




Live from an apartment in Cape Town, a quiet but confident musical revolution is underway. Raymond Cure is the little music show with some big credits to its name. From humble beginnings, this bi weekly get together has grown into something of a phenomenon within the Cape Town music scene.


At its purest beginning, it was not a show at all but friends getting together to play music. On one fateful Sunday (or perhaps a Saturday) Nick Gordon and some friends decided to Facebook livestream themselves playing around on some new DJ equipment at Nick’s apartment. Luke Cassar was one of the people watching and decided to join in – “I was one of the guys who came through. I liked it, it was fun, it was a good way to spend an afternoon.” The basic premise has remained unchanged. The open-door policy is one of the shows defining features. Raymond Cure feels more like an after party, albeit a very relaxed one, more than a music show – the perfect decompression for the weekend that was; the cure for what ails you.


On any given (second) Sunday you can arrive to find yourself immersed in South African jazz delivered by Quit Safari, bouncing electro courtesy of Fever Trails, or the Afro-future electronica from unsung wunderkind, Jakinda – the only expectation is quality.


Previous Guest: Jakinda


The first iteration of RC may have been a beer fuelled meet up – a case of Tafel in Nick’s estimation – but the concept of the show has since evolved into something a lot more refined. After the initial sessions, Zia Haffejee, sharing similar taste and musical sensibilities joined the roster and Raymond Cure was officially born.


The show is a seamless blend of specific, but complementary skills. While each of the three has their role to play they all share the same goals. They meet weeks in advance to plot the direction of the show and collectively share the responsibility of finding the artists they want to feature. Whether it be an extended exposition of a single artist or a stark contrast between two artists, the group is always searching for what makes an interesting show – “We have a mutual desire to facilitate conversation around music culture – that’s the drawcard.”


Previous Guest: Fever Trails


The show has managed to maintain a steady stream of high profile artists from across the musical spectrum. DJ’s, producers, and bands have all sat on the Raymond Cure couch. Going through the list of previous guests is an eye-opening endeavour that makes you wonder how such a feat is even possible. The answer is simple: “Luke knows fucking everyone!” Despite having a network of “friends of friends and people in arms reach” and having grown up in creative environments, it doesn’t hurt to have a social butterfly like Luke to call upon when it’s time to snag that elusive exclusive.


So much of what makes Raymond Cure so special is that despite the success of the project, its mechanics have remained almost unchanged since inception. There are no third parties or middle-men facilitating the running of the show – it’s organic and authentic. It comes down to the mutual collaboration of a network of friends that has led to the runaway success of this soon-to-be-established brand. Drawing from such a close-knit group of collaborators, however, does have its drawbacks. The danger of becoming too exclusive – in terms of the content they produce, and the people who consume it – is one that the group is all too aware of. “We want to branch out and show a wider depiction of what’s going on”, says Zia.


Moving into the future the group is hoping to expand their network and credibility. International interviews, new media, and a touring operation are all items on the collective wish list of Raymond Cure, and none of them seems farfetched. What they have been able to accomplish with what is essentially a bare bones operation is nothing short of impressive.


Through passion and collaboration, three friends are shaking up the status quo with their DIY approach showcasing the best of the Cape Town music scene. While it’s only a matter of time before their current base of operations can no longer accommodate their ambitions, the cosy confines of the apartment continue to play masterful host to musicians and friends alike.


The next instalment of Raymond Cure will be on Sunday the 23rd of July


For full shows follow the Raymond Cure Mixcloud  or check out their Facebook page.


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