As we careen into the twilight of 2017 some things can be counted on to ground us in the here and now. Your friendly neighbourhood round-up is here again, steadfast as always, keeping you sane and well entertained.


Words: Tshiamo Seape


FIFA 18 launches worldwide


FIFA 18, the world’s most popular sporting video game,  was released last week to the adoration of fans worldwide. We can’t say enough about how hotly anticipated the latest instalment of the legendary franchise has been. Dubbed “the world’s game”, FIFA 18  has taken great strides in creating the most realistic and immersive version of the game ever created. New Player Motion Technology makes the stars of the beautiful game behave more closely to their real-world counterparts: Ronaldo’s signature sprints and Sterling’s distinctive turns are expertly reproduced for the legions of couch-bound coaches and controller jockeys. Living room rivalries reborn, and bragging rights are back on the table.



We move from couches to convenience stores in an act of cultural exportation as A$AP Rocky brings a taste of New York to London.


A$AP Rocky: Grocery Store Owner


A$AP Rocky – rapper, producer, director, model, actor and record executive, has added yet another title to his already lengthy list of vocations – grocery store owner. The artist has partnered with London department store, Selfridges, to bring the iconic new york bodega (a spaza if you will) to customers across the pond. A symbol of inclusion and convenience, the bodega, situated in the Selfridges basement will feature the classic corner shop fare like chocolate bars, chips, doughnuts, and lots of sweets (strawberry kisses, jelly beans),  and many other branded items higher end items like pieces from Rocky’s collection with Guess ( just in case you thought they were slacking). The pop-up is the brainchild of the AWGE creative collective for which A$AP is a member. Beyond creative direction, A$AP has plans to actually work the counter! If that doesn’t get you through the door then we have serious questions about your commitment to the culture.

The AWGE Bodega pops up from the 2nd and runs through the 11th of October.



Balenciaga and the story of the High-rise Crocs


We told you so! Hyper norm never left and is growing faster than before. Balenciaga, the Spanish luxury label responsible for the Triple SSS (those ugly cool, dad sneakers that epitomise the normcore trend) are letting ladies get in on the action. At their latest runway show for Paris Fashion Week, Balenciaga unveiled a shoe we were never ready for: platform Crocs – 10cm of foam moulded comfort was sent down the runway adorned with a number of Balenciaga pins and what looked like fridge magnets. Taking the idea of unlikely collaborations to new heights (nailed it) Balenciaga is clearly having a moment. Whether you like it or not, there is clearly a vision and we’re quite happy to see it unfold.



Paris Fashion Week


Paris was more than platforms. Fashion Week is a large-scale spectacle that had more than its fair share of highlights.

South Africa’s very own Queen B, Bonang Matheba, made a splash in Paris this last week and wasn’t shy about sharing her experiences all over social media. She travelled to the lush and grandiose home of French Cognac pioneers, Courvoisier, and also made time to attend the John Galliano show while rubbing shoulders with Former Miss USA, Olivia Culpo.



L’Oreal, a fashion week mainstay for decades,  decided to come forward from behind the scenes and hold their own special fashion show at the Champs-Élysées during fashion week. The show featured the brand’s global ambassadors including Helen Mirren, Jane Fonda, curve model Iskra Lawrence, and Irina Shayk to name a few. While much of the shows have been dominated by statuesque teens the L’Oreal show was a champion of diversity and real personality. The individualism of each of the models was championed by the atmosphere of the show. Spontaneous and fun, the collection of legends and rising stars embodied the joie de vivre that is often missing from your typical runway show.




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