There’s never a dull moment on CSA Global. The only problem we seem to have is keeping it to just one day a week. Either way, here we go again: your weekly round-up of what’s hot and what’s not handpicked especially for you

Words: Tshiamo Seape

The wait is over! Jay releases 4:44

The oldest rapper still rapping, Jay-Z, has returned to the spotlight with the release of his latest album, 4:44. Released as a Tidal and Sprint exclusive promotion for the album was sparse and featured no singles ahead of its release on June 30. The album has the industry in a buzz with many considering this a return to form for the erstwhile King of Rap. With standout production from industry veteran, No I.D., this is Jay- Z’s most revealing album yet. In just over 35 short minutes he shares gems about marital issues, his shaky friendship with Kanye West, and what it means to be rich and back in America. 4:44 is a tour de force by an artist whom we all thought was well past his prime and we couldn’t be happier to have been proven wrong.



Tyler, The Creator is Crazy

After a week of speculation and several cryptic tweets U.S. rapper, Tyler, The Creator released his double single  – Who Dat Boy/911. The first of the two singles is a return to the darker tone of his earliest work, Goblin. The single features friend and touring buddy, A$AP Rocky as a guest feature. The video (directed by Tyler under his alias, Wolf Haley), is a creepy-cool mixture of horror and suspense that sees Tyler, The Protagonist undergo a physical transformation that has to be seen to be believed. The second song off the two-part project provides a welcome reprieve from the gloom of Who Dat Boy. On 911/Mr Lonely Tyler shows his softer side and enlists the help of longtime collaborator Frank Ocean and R&B/Soul wunderkind, Steve Lacy (If you’re not sure who that is then you probably missed the last Cape Town International Jazz Festival – where Steve performed). The the one-two punch shows that after years in the game Tyler is still as innovative as ever.


Supreme x Louis Vuitton

In the world of fashion, collaboration is big business, perhaps the biggest. Whether it’s luxury brands trying to get their customer base, or streetwear staples trying to catch the eye of the 1%, collaboration is the name of the game and everyone is ready to play ball.  Every now and then something comes along that sends fans into a frenzy and causes havoc on the online resale market. The Louis Vuitton x Supreme collaboration is one such event. The collection, which features luggage and apparel, was released last week in select cities across the globe (Sydney, Seoul, Tokyo, Beijing, Paris, London, LA, and Miami). If you are lucky enough to to live in those cities – or within driving distance of them – then we hope you at least made an attempt to a cop a piece from the Michael Jordan x Michael Jordan of collaborations. If not, check out some pictures of celebrities wearing clothes most people will never be able to afford, here.


Hold the fries


In their latest commercial chicken giants, KFC  has decided to make use of fallen Game of Thrones character, Hodor. Actor Kristian Nairn, who portrays the man with the eponymous catchphrase, has been brought in to promote their new chicken option. As an onslaught of hungry patrons bombard the shaken cashier their repetitive orders take their toll. The whole thing is fairly well handled, if not a bit cheesy. Check it out here and decide for yourself.

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