Designer Home D.I.Y Tips with Mali Langa

by | Jun 16, 2020 | Design, Fashion, Lifestyle

  • Global pandemic sets the Trends for Interior Décor

  • Mali Langa’s Designer DIY Tips:

  • Think like a designer

  • Choose wisely

  • Make colour pop!

  • Play with patterns and textures

  • Set the mood with lighting

 “The core lifestyle decor trends arising from the global pandemic includes everyone taking a closer look at their homes, how they function, and how they can transform them into a sanctuary going forward. Consumers are craving colours that instil a sense of reassurance and comfort. There is a clear gravitation to hues that mimic nature and this is even seen in design for traditional work spaces.


“Work spaces have had to not only be incorporated into the home but also provide optimum productivity. This has changed the way designers talk to clients in order to create spaces that are deeply connected with the people that occupy them. To get you started I have a few Designer D.I.Y tips for  readers:

  • Think like a designer

Analyze your space and ask: what will it be used for? Who will use it? What is the mood and style you would like? A mood board and a budget are vital

  • Choose wisely

Do not overcrowd your room. The ‘less is more’ principle will allow for a feeling of tranquility

  • Make colour pop!

Simply painting one accent wall can transform your space for a new energy and is completely cost-effective. It can even make a space look bigger.

  • Play with patterns and textures

Wallpapers have made a wonderful return with an incredible selection of colours and designs. They are a great way to bring in a texture or an interesting pattern to your walls without damaging them.

  • Set the mood with lighting

Poorly lit rooms can lead to eye-fatigue and low energy especially for home-based working spaces. . I love using strip lighting and hiding it behind an architectural or furniture feature, which in turn creates a glow or halo all around.

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