ICYMI Da L.E.S. and his family Gemini Major, Yanga Chief and DJ D Double D, dropping YEAH! their latest collab this afternoon, we caught him fresh in Durban to give you 9 things you didn’t know this morning…

ong>1. The inspiration behind  Yeah! DJ D Double D’s 2nd single video?
We wanted to capture a different element of FUN. We always capture the bottles the models, the extravagant elements of our lifestyle. Let’s drink milkshakes and slush puppies – keep the creative inspiration alive!

2. The Hall of Fame Tour is coming to Cape Town on May 12th, what’s to be expected?
The whole family in the building! Look forward to some new music you’ve never heard before and by then the album will be available at Coco on the night. Cape Town always shows love, we just want to put out a show for everyone to remember.

3. New image, social media revamp…What’s the deal?
It’s us putting a lot into this, getting out there. Our objective is for the album to go gold. With that being said we want our music to reach as many people as possible. If we’re promoting an album or a video, promoting an album launch, a tour or promoting a party we like to go hard. We don’t want to create a gap for any missed opportunities. It’s all about the family.

4. Any other new developments with your label F2D productions?
Having created strategic partnerships with other artists, Gemini, Yanga, the rest of the family and I, we move as a unit wherever we go, we support each other. I think F2D productions umbrellas Gemini’s label, Yanga’s label, and it also unbrellas F2D Films. We film all of our videos ourselves, we edit them ourselves and this is the working formula for us right now.

5. Are you guys planning on expanding further into Africa or Internationally?
Definitely, we are currently working on our European tour, we are just trying to find the time in the day! There are so many projects coming out of F2D and the other labels. We have Gemini Major’s new album, which we will be launching in his home country Malawi on the 3rd of June. We have Yanga Chief’s album dropping the next week after, for which we’ll go to his home town to perform.

6. How did you guys meet?
We’ve all known each other for a very long time, but what brings us together is what brings the whole world together: music. Through the power of music we’ve just been able to find a lot of similarities between us, and like I always say, the strength is in the numbers, it’s given us the opportunity to create an amazing working synergy between us and the opportunity to achieve what we all want to achieve.

7. Which characteristics of Gemini and Yanga do you appreciate most?
They are hardworking guys. Very considerate, very humble. In this family, we are all equal not one is better than the other person, because we all love to learn from each other and off course perform. We are fun loving criminals!

8. A little birdy told me about an alcohol beverage coming our way soon, anything to add…?
cool I have been working on a bunch of business ventures…

9. Last but not least – this sorority/ merch we’ve come to know, North 94, any fun parties we should look out for?
Absolutely planning more. We threw our first party in April – The festive season, that’s when we’ll be doing the rest of our thing!

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