Social Distancing…When you’re an Entertainer?

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Everyone is currently affected in some way by the pandemic of the corona virus, from travel, to working from home and kids schools being closed. But the reality is it is having a massive impact on the entertainment industry, from production schedules for movies to events, concerts and gigs being cancelled by our favourite performers. We chat to Hip-Hop legend Da L.E.S in the time of Social Distancing

TW: How does this affect you and your craft? What impact does social distancing have on your production work i.e the logistics of getting your producer into your studio etc?

DL: I’m very lucky in that I have a studio at home. Also producers create music for me and send it to me, so there is minimal impact on me producing tracks. As far as the logistics of working face to face with producers coming into my space, like everywhere else on practical level there are hand sanitizers and gloves. As professionals who work together we disclose where we have been traveling to in the last few months. This is simply to mitigate risk and exposure and maintain a trust relationship as well as be professional.

TW: What has been the impact on your performance schedule? How does your management react with regards to the foreseeable future in relation to events, concerts and festivals and gigs that have been booked?

DL: I have a great team behind me. They move dynamically and have a way of foreseeing, managing and aligning my performance schedule in the most strategic fashion. This all takes into consideration everything happening globally as well as locally. There are many moving parts to the logistics of travelling, booking venues, tickets sales etc so I’m very lucky to have the support of team that not only understands and connects to my music but also understands and connects to the world my fans live in.

TW: Do you find this time has opened you to focus on new album, singles etc.?

DL: Yes, absolutely. Having been in the industry a number of years I have been able to leverage it into a business. In the absence of attending to gigs etc, the time made available to be in the studio not distracted is fantastic.

TW: As an artist with a high profile has social distancing, created the space for some much needed Family time?

DL: As an artist with a high profile, in that I love performing for my fans and connecting with them wherever I go, I am also a family man. It’s always great to spend time with my family. With my
daughter being home there’s some extra homework to get through, so I’ll be hands on that too.

TW: How do you and your family spend time at home?

DL: We are big on social gatherings (laughs), normally we are all at the pool, or playing board games or listening to music. The big family visits may be a bit limited for a while.

TW: Any word to fans at this time? i.e Da L.E.S will return etc

DL: As always, thank you to my fans for their constant support and patience. As entertainers the only place we want to be is on stage performing for you. I know you haven’t had any new music for a while, and the wait is almost over, there are some amazing tracks coming your way, its sounding incredible. If you’d like a sneak peak of the new stuff hit me up on social media, I love to hear from my fans and who knows we could do a preview on a live instagram stream. Also, please be careful during this time and practice all safety precautions.

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