David East is a star on two continents. As a photographer and filmmaker, he has been making waves here at home, and abroad. Originally from London, this skater turned photographer turned filmmaker has made an impact wherever he has pointed his lens. Words: Tshiamo Seape

The world first caught site of Dave when, as a student, he was featured as one of Instagram’s suggested users. A fixture of the Cape Town music scene, David quickly got noticed shooting his friends in bands. What seemed like an artful hobby was the beginning of an artist’s journey. It didn’t take long for his burgeoning talent to reach artists and brands alike. Rapper/Producer Anatii and frequent collaborators Castle Lite and Adidas are among the high-profile names that have been gifted by David’s vision.

More recently, this young talent has branched out into the world of filmmaking. He counts visionaries Spike Jonze and Tobishinobi as some of his biggest influences. In a relatively short time, he has racked up an impressive list of credits shooting music videos and short films. From the iconic, but sadly underappreciated “Fuk Bread” – Thor Rixon’s health inspired electronic banger – to collaborations with commercial favourites Anatii and AKA. His visual aesthetic bounces between moody compositions, constructed of light and shade, to brighter more revealing fare depending his subject. His boundless energy and enthusiasm for life come through in everything he does; he is equal parts, photographer, and adventurer. On The Radar prides itself on finding the most dynamic talent from across the continent, but among the athletes, innovators, and musicians David East stands alone as…a mountaineer.

In early 2017 David East, along with a group of fellow creatives, made the journey to the highest peak on Earth – Mt. Everest. With relatively little training our boy David made the grueling trek to Everest base camp. The hardest part? “The altitude was the most hectic thing by far. Even when we were in Lukla (2,860m altitude), you feel like everything is hard to do. As we got higher and the air became thinner, you feel it even more” he told RedBull.com.

Whether it’s skateboarding, a bit of tennis (he loves a good session), or a quick trip to Nepal David is as intrepid in life as he is on film. With a CV so impressive David is destined for success, and #CSARadar is proud to bring this talent to the world’s attention.

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