D’BANJ: “Allow me to reintroduce myself”.

by | Jul 12, 2021 | Entertainment, Music, The Wire

  • The King of Afrobeats teases new album with single drop.
  • An iconic collab with Fela Kuti’s band, Egypt 80.
  • High Production video achieves 1 million views in 4 days.

Nigerian super star, D’Banj, is back on the music scene with a phenomenal new single, “BANGA”, demonstrating once again why he is the king of Afrobeats and master of the summer hit.

As the first cut off his forthcoming new album, “BANGA” is an all caps exclamation as well as a call to the dancefloor. Although D’Banj opens with a brief moment that indicates a reintroduction, it’s hardly needed. The artist is on top form with a sultry, mid-tempo Afrobeats arrangement dripping with an iconic hook which will no doubt reverberate across dance halls this coming summer.

His return to the studio shows an artist expressing his growth, experimenting and innovating with a sound he originally exported to the world. We are a far step away from the freneticism of 2010’s “Oliver Twist” and rather, the production by TUC on the mid-tempo track is slick and includes a team-up with the legendary Fela Kuti’s original band, Egypt 80.

In true Afrobeat style, Egypt 80 delivers a masterclass in brass performance, captivating from start to finish. D’Banj’s vocals are polished and effortless, and the hook, “Banga!”, is cleverly self-referential and begging for group participation.

“A lot has changed in the world, especially for me personally and as an artist. “BANGA” is my way of reintroducing myself to the music scene and to show my evolution and growth. I’m excited to connect with my fans old and new and to take them on a journey of new stories and sounds as I express myself,” said D’Banj of the new single and forthcoming album.

“BANGA” comes packaged with a vibrant video directed by Clarence Peters, starring radio goddess Moet Abebe. It’s an endless summer of partying and celebration, showing an Africa as only Africans know it to be, complete with D’Banj’s indelible fashion and style.

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