Ever wondered what a day in the life of Manthe Ribane is like? For this installment of The Wire’s Hip City Guide, we turn to the most interesting visual artist we know to show us Joburg through her eyes.


Where do you currently live in Johannesburg?
I currently live in the beautiful West Rand, where sun sets are the best, not so far from The Nirox Sculpture Park.


What can’t you travel without?
That’s tough! Ok, my purse, my skincare products (Clinique), toiletries, my makeup, my phone and camera. Perfume, my Nikes and my Miista Heals ???


What’s your favorite thing to do on a Sunday afternoon in Johannesburg?
Strolling around in Nirox Sculpture Park or a jazzy Sunday with my family cooking.


If you could choose one person to show you “their Johannesburg” who would it be?
Bonang Matheba, Jill Grogor, Kefilwe Mabote, or Athi Afrikile, riding in a Benzoo or Lamborghini!



What are your favorite Johannesburg restaurants, and what do you order there?
I use to be vegetarian, but now I’m a Pescatarian, I love the Fish Monger in Rosebank they know how to make my day. The Peech Boutique Hotel where I love to order the Poached Pear with whipped Gorgonzola and toasted walnuts. (And then for Cape Townians, I love Nuri Sushi Factory in Cape Town)


Everyone loves Daleahe Eatery in Braamfontain, where’s your go-to spot for drinks? 
Marble in Art Keys Miles


Favorite Joburg brunch spot?
Tasha’s in Hyde Park


What are some of your under the radar must-do recommendations for Johannesburg visitors?
Art Keys Miles. Go find out for yourself…


Favorite shops?
Juta street in Braanfontain.
For vintage hidden treasure shopping, Noord.


But I’ve grown out of love for vintage clothes, rather start fresh with new clothes. Thank God for Nike South Africa who has been taking good care of me for the past 4years. Quality Life.


For perfume I turn to Le Labo Perfume, Jo Malone and other beauty products, The Body Shop. For shoes I treat myself to Zara or gifts from Miista Shoes from London. I’ve been blessed. I’m very ambitious to save money and invest in something that I’ll be announcing soon, but I would love to own my own concept store one day ***.


What music are you listening to these days?
My music selection starts with a love for classical music, it really calms me down and helps me to concentrate.


I like my own music as well, for which I’ve collaborated with Okzharp (Gervase Gordon ), my current favorite: Tell Your Vision.


My younger brother is also a musical genius mixer:

Sundays Are made for Jazz!


Where are the young creatives spending their time?
Art Keys Miles, Rosebank

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