H&M today announced their next designer collaboration with MOSCHINO is coming to South Africa from the 8th of November 2018, and Superstar, Bella Hadid will lead as the face.

Creative Director Jeremy Scott, who for over a decade collaborated with Adidas to make pieces that were affordable and accessible all over the world, carried those sensibilities to Moschino in 2013, with simple, American pleasures — dolls, Saturday cartoons, fast food, Mickey Mouse and now shares it with us by way of H&M.

Under his creative direction, the storied fashion house Moschino hasn’t just looked to America’s national icons for entertainment. It has paid tribute to them in cloth and thread; SpongeBob SquarePants embossed onto sweaters, McDonald’s Happy Meals stitched into purses, and even an entire Barbie-themed collection.

But the clothes aren’t gimmicks. Madonna is a fan. Scott has dressed Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. Miley Cyrus is one of his closest friends. And all over the world, people clamour for Scott’s inimitable blend of kitsch and innovation.

On bringing the collection to South Africa the designer said:

“I want to see all the cool kids that want to wear my clothes, but can’t afford them.”

“When I met Trevor Noah, whom I’m a huge fan of, he said, ‘Are you the real Jeremy Scott, with the winged shoes?’ I was like, ‘Trevor! Don’t do this to me. I love you.’ He told me about how people in South Africa really wanted them. With this collection, we’ll be in South Africa. I want people to go out and dance in the collection, have fun, meet the loves of their lives, feel on top of the world, take a million selfies, and keep them forever. I want people to make memories now and then to find them in 2028 or 2038 and put them on again and be like, ‘Oh, this is so great. It’s so 2018!'”


What can we expect?
Humour meets haute couture meets the streets. For fans of the brand, it should feel a little like a greatest hits collection, but I promise it will still be new, still feel fresh, even as we include some winks, some hints from the past,” concludes Scot

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