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by | Mar 11, 2021 | Branding, Business, Entertainment, Instagram, Lifestyle, Media Industry, Tech, Trends

  • Once upon a time, we came here to see pics!
  • Creating a Shopping experience.
  • Constantly evolving for brands.

Once upon a time, we came here to see pics!

We all knew that when Facebook bought Instagram there was a bigger plan at play. In 10 years the ‘Gram has become more than its humble beginnings of sharing photos, tweaked with filters to augment crappy smartphone cameras. Today it is a gargantuan social platform behemoth with more than 1 billion users. It has an enriched content type offering from videos to daily stories and the smart phone camera tech eventually caught up. Its direct messaging is seamless and the app is powered by an enviable $20 billion advertising income. This presented a juicy tantalizing scenario for Facebook… MORE…

Image Source: business.instagram.com/shopping

Creating a Shopping experience.

It makes so much sense. The brands came to showcase their brand-stories, creating spectacular look-books delivered by influencers. (An app is only relevant if it can coin its own vernacular). After whetting appetites it needed a “seamless checkout system” allowing for purchases, circumventing users having to leave the app to go to other retail websites. And so it has come to be.

Soon we will be seeing shopping posts as infeed adverts. Reaching this harmonious synchronicity between its retail ambitions and the existing platform, to pivot in the direction of making an incredible amount of money, is a beautiful thing. “Our goal is to become a leading mobile e-commerce destination that helps you shop your interest”, said Layla Amjadi, product lead for Instagram Shopping.

Constantly evolving for the brands.

The app has strategically expanded and developed a seductive menu for businesses and brands. These include tools that are inherently business friendly and familiar to users of ecommerce sites like Shopify.  Now detailed analytics can show which posts push sales, follower growth, mentions, engagement and so on.

So the only question left is: have you converted your Instagram Account to a Business one yet?

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