In between studying for an economics exam, we caught up with 17-year-old hip-hop legend-in-the-making and talked celebrity crushes, being big in Japan and, on the off chance that music doesn’t work out for him (yeah right), settling for a career in astrophysics (wink) Words: Nadine Oosthuizen 



CSA: Let’s start with your sound, describe it to someone who’s never heard it Espacio Dios: My sound is genreless. I make songs that range from electro to rock. From jazz to hip hop. It’s indefinable.


What is it about music that makes you want to produce it?
I produce music for those people who are looking for a space where they can dance with their emotions, a place where they can connect with their inner beings.


If you could make sure one person in the world heard your music, who would it be?
It would definitely be my biggest fan, my mum.


What song do you wish you wrote?
I wish I had written Someone Like You by Adele.


What is your favourite song you’ve written and why?
My favourite song that I’ve written is Summer[0100]. Writing the lyrics for the sample that was an intro for the song was very exciting because I hadn’t done anything like that before. Summer[0100] is also a perfect reminder of how much I appreciate my past & all the heartbreak I endured. Things like that inspire me to write good music.


When was the last time you sang out loud to the radio and what song was it?
It was actually this morning, Weekend Special by Brenda Fassie. That’s my jam!



Who would be your ideal remixer?
A really dope producer who I’ve worked with quite a bit, who’s also from Mafikeng. He goes by the name of ‘Biglesforeal’.


Who makes you laugh? 
A good friend by the name of ‘OkayWasabi’. He’s pretty well known for his parody videos.


If you weren’t a musician, would you rather be a neurosurgeon, astrophysicist, or CIA operative and why?
Definitely an astrophysicist as I’ve got a string love & passion for everything that has to do with the universe.


We follow you on Instagram and you have an incredible sense of style. Who’s your favourite designer or brand right now?
Oh well, why thank you. I’m all for supporting local, and there’s a brand by the name of ‘DEAD’ by a dude called ‘Bangy’ which I think is really dope!



While on the subject of Instagram, who’s your favourite celebrity to follow?
Definitely Amandla Stenberg! She’s also my celebrity crush.


Where would you like to go on tour more than anywhere else in the world?
I’d really love to go on tour in Japan! I find the Japanese culture really interesting & would love to visit!


What’s next?
Basically just to continue to listen to my heart & follow my passion, which is evidently making music.

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