Heavy K, The Drumboss, has been making South African’s move to his intoxicating blend of sounds for years. From his sterling debut, Woza Nana, to the indomitable, Easy To Love, he has proven himself a hitmaker. Through his success, he has grown his influence with talent, authenticity and perseverance. A national treasure in the truest sense, we are proud to include Heavy K on our Radar Volume 2 Top 15


Words: Tshiamo Seape


Following in the footsteps of his mentor, Oskido, Heavy K is creating the soundtrack of a generation. His infectious and rhythmic production has put him at the top of the SA house music scene, but his ambitions stretch far further. The world is not enough for this consummate talent and we couldn’t be more excited to hear about his life, loves, and everything in between.



Hello, Heavy K, how are you? What’s keeping you busy at the moment?

I am all good man, cannot complain. I am actually busy with my 4th album at the moment, and I am super excited about this project.


Let’s start off with the idea sharing influence.

How did you meet Oskido and what impact did he have on your career?

I met Oskido through Lunga Nombewu he was the guy who used to give the songs I made back then to Oskido than when I left Lunga Nombewu’s record label, Oskido had no choice but to communicate with me directly and the rest is history.


How have you shared your influence since making it in the music business?

I have shared my influence by giving others the opportunity to also showcase their talents through my music, as I work more with upcoming artists than the established.



Do you have plans to start your own music academy in the future?

Yes definitely, I am already busy working on it.


Where does your name, Drumboss come from?

It was influenced by how authentic my drums are when it comes to my music and I couldn’t think of any better name but “Drumboss” because when it comes to the drum, I am indeed a ‘Boss’.


First and foremost do you consider yourself a DJ or producer?

I consider myself as both.



Tell us about a moment/day/ opportunity that you will never forget?

A day that I will never forget has to be the 26th of October 2015 when I got to be a father for the first time to my son and little did I know that midnight of the following day, which is the 27th of October 2015 my mom will pass away, that was the saddest day for me, and I can never forget it. It was a bitter-sweet moment.


Besides being a musician what are your other day to day interests?

Being an amazing father to my two boys and being a loving partner to my Fiance, and entrepreneurship.


What is the dream for your career? what is the ultimate goal?

To see myself as one of the most influential people in the world, and being a Global Star in what I do.



How does Heavy K relax when not producing or performing? What music are you listening to and what movies are you watching?

Playing PS4, chilling with friends and I’m a car maniac, so I love driving a lot! I listen to everything, I never try to limit myself to one specific genre. The last movie I watched was Blade Runner 2049.


Take us through your favourite live venue/city in the country. What about it makes it so special? Give a shout out to the fans of (x)

Drumboss Xperience has to be one of my favourite festivals, simply because it’s my own festival that I have been hosting for the past 6 years, and it has grown audience over 18000 and what makes me more proud about it, is because it takes place in my hometown in Port Elizabeth so it is always great to perform my people.


Take us through your perfect weekend. From Friday to Sunday where can we find you and what do you like to do?

My perfect weekend is when every show that I go to, is perfectly organized and my requirements are met as a performer, I also like travelling a lot even though I have to anyway because of what I do.



What’s the best part about being a musician?

It’s seeing people reacting in so many different ways and having them give so much positive energy right back at you. In other words, it’s touching people’s hearts through my music even though you’ve never even met some people.


What part of your sound is so distinct? What separates Heavy K from any other artist?

It’s the unique feel that I try my best to keep whenever I’m making a song and what separates me from other artists, it is because I am “HeavyK-Drumboss” I do things my own way, follow my own rules and I’m never bothered by what others do even though I still admire other artists music.


Which artists from around Africa do you want to collaborate with?

Diamond Platinumz, Wiz-Kid, Sauti-Sol, Fally Ipupa, Tekno, Tiwa Savage.


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Give us a list of artists/producers/influencers on your personal list. Who’s on your Radar?

Ntombi, Soul Star, Nokwazi, Mondli Ngcobo, Mpumi.




You can follow Heavy K on Instagram and Twitter

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