The DO’s, DON’Ts & TAKEOUTS for Influencer Marketing 2021

by | Feb 8, 2021 | Branding, Business, Entertainment, Events and Competitions, Instagram, Lifestyle, Media Industry, Photography, Social Media, The Wire, Trends

  • The Entertainment Factor
  • Omni-present branding
  • Reality bites
  • Avoiding tone deaf narratives


Let me entertain you!

If 2020 proved one thing it’s that everyone wanted to escape the bad news and be entertained. The world even tuned into watching US politics, so diverting were the Trump house troubles.

The Take-out is this: content platforms that led with entertainment, fun and comedy were big winners, so don’t be afraid to show your brand’s funny side. Having a sense of humor can change established perceptions and working with a humorous influencer can make your brand fresh in 2021.

Make your presence felt… everywhere

Now is the time to try “everything”, as in new mediums. Video has become the “All Seeing Eye” with Marketing Charts forecasting the average adult spending 100 minutes a day consuming video. The Take-out: Does your brand have a presence styled for TikTok and Reels? Have you even looked at Twitch yet? Wherever the gaze is cast, there your influencer strategy needs to be.


Forget your not-so-perfect life.

Who would thought we would actively crave realness, authenticity, and unadorned down to earth content on social media? Influencers giving us an unfiltered peek into their daily lives rather than over-curated insta-moments are all the rage.

The Take-out: Brands, dump the luxurious, high-end, impossibly aspirational lifestyles. No one can connect with it, let alone resonate with it while a pandemic stalks the earth and the economy is on quicksand. What we all need now is honesty, transparency and authenticity.

Listen up.

Now is not the time for a brand to be tone-deaf, even if accidental. In these uncertain times, everyone’s survival instincts are firing at full throttle. This means all audiences, even those not actively yours, are hyper vigilant.

The Take-out: Embrace awareness and sensitivity. Simply make sure that your narrative is mindful, responsible and gracious. It’s the alternative to being cancelled.

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