Our favorite bold, unapologetic and blue-haired #CSARADAR star, Moonchild Sanelly just dropped two B-side singles #F-BOYZ and THIRSTY which stands as an anthem for the fact that women matter.


“I stand for success, growing minds and having a voice,” she says.


With both singles Moonchild proves yet again that she will continue to hold her own in a male-dominated music landscape, where she is making it her mission to have South African female artists value themselves. She encourages every female artist out there value themselves, because it’s the only way everyone else will.


Always a serious topic tackler, but packaged in the sweetest wrapper, F-BOYZ deals with a certain kind of man called an F-boy, explains Moonchild, where “F” does not stand for “fun”.


“It’s the kind that brings no good, but drama, the moral of the story is that women deserve the world and they shouldn’t settle or put up with them.”


On THIRSTY can expect to get down, where every provocative line sounds as sweet and cheeky as the singer behind it. Well aware that she can’t please everyone and that being herself is the only thing no-one can do better she tells her truth in a frank way.


When it comes to her sound, you will hear that it is completely different to anything that has previously come out of South Africa – “a cheeky pop that blends Afro-Futurism with electro-synth”. It’s alternative,  it’s fresh and we love it as much as we love her.


 Download her new singles here


Words: Nadine Oosthuizen


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