Who is Lulama Wolf Mlambo? Meet the one-girl wolf-pack who fervently fights for our human right to freely express ourselves every day- one blog post at a time– Words: Nadine Oosthuizen 


As one of the visionaries that make up the so-called South African Blogger Mafia, Lulama “Wolf” Mlambo, acts as a leader and influencer, who actively pushes boundaries. Through innovative blog posts in which she elevates the simple thing to something extraordinary, she manages to enlighten and inspire other women on a daily basis.


However, to us she’s much more than a blogger, she’s an original part of South Africa’s growing generation of culture creators who speaks her mind on issues that include the woes of black female models and her great support for Women Entrepreneurs in Johannesburg. Throughout she stands up for the right to freely express oneself, for which she’s been described by Top Billing as an invaluable voice in modern urban youth culture”.




They’re not the only ones who have been taking note. Her success as culture maker includes countless collaborating campaigns with Adidas, Woolworths and Cotton On (to name a few) and covers for International fashion magazines such as ELLE.


When you ask her what she’s trying with all of this, she will tell you that it is all about showing beauty. Showing “proof of what the world has to offer,” and documenting what’s on show in the realms of fashion, food, art, and thinking.




Her inspiration though, first of all, comes from her mother, the woman on which she modelled her approach to life, explaining that it is her mother’s “problem-solving skills and simple approach to things” that affected her in the greatest of ways. Furthermore, she builds on inspirational women such as Frida Kahlo, for her invaluable contribution to art and fashion, Opera, for always helping others, and the young and old Phylicia Rashad, for her effortless beauty and grace!


When it comes to inspiring women, she encourages every young girl to be true to herself and to try be the best version of themselves that they can be. She adds that it is all about empowering yourself before you can empower others.


So, what does the future hold? Currently, she’s studying Business Management and Media and has her own clothing range in the pipeline. We can’t wait.


Here’s to self-expression, originality and creativity redefined!

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