Master KG shines his light with David Guetta and AKON

by | Aug 16, 2021 | Culture, Entertainment, Music, The Wire, Trends

  • Global Cultural dominance at play.
  • Star pulling power feat. David Guetta and AKON.
  • A new summer hit.
  • Africa ruling the medium of digital streaming.

To say that musician & producer, Master KG, accrued cultural bank would be the understatement of the decade. That a South African talent would, in a singular act of cultural global dominance, rise to unite the world in dance redefines “going viral”. The numbers that don’t lie. With an earth shattering 800 million combined streams for “Jerusalema”, seven billion views on TikTok for the dance challenge and 432 million YouTube views, simply put, this is the inventive power and talent of a powerful African voice.

Not resting on his laurels, Master KG returns this year with another summer hit, with superstars David Guetta and Akon in tow.

The single “Shine Your Light” features the now iconic Master KG Afro-house rhythms, David Guetta’s iridescent production and Akon’s signature vocals. It’s a jubilant, sun-drenched get down released just in time for a Northern Hemisphere summer.

Keeping things local, the accompanying video was directed by Sama-nominated music video director Kyle White.

“I am blessed and excited to have collaborated with not one but two legends in David Guetta and Akon. “Shine Your Light” is special for me because it not only combines our different styles of music, but also spreads a positive message. Join us as we unite the world with love through music once again,” said Master KG.

David Guetta of his contribution added: “I am thrilled to have been able to collaborate with Master KG, and I’m so pleased to get to work with my long-time friend Akon again!  My hope is that “Shine Your Light” brings joy to listeners around the world as we join each other on the dance floor once again.”

In an interview with AFP, Master KG said: “Now is the time for Africa to shine, to present our culture to the world.” It is no mistake nor fluke that an African voice would attain global dominance in the digital medium of streaming music. For rhythm began in Africa, or as the Master himself is inclined to says: Wanitwa Mos (do you feel me)?

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