In the spirit of February, the month of love, we celebrate the power of collaboration. It’s about sharing the love for your art, the attraction of creative force and being better together Words: Bianca Agenbag
Kicking off our series is Lucy Kruger and Andre Leo – the musical duo that is Medicine Boy
Gritty, whimsical and artistically intense, Lucy and Andre are all about the music. With each riveting soundscape and poetic verse, they create a combination of sonic manipulation and honesty, resulting in what they refer to as dream noise. We  asked “What makes Medicine Boy work?”, they answered “Being in love with the same things

CSA: Where did your band name come from?
Lucy: The more interesting thought is what it’s come to mean and feel like. A name takes on a whole new life at some point. The source is barely recognisable.
CSA: How did you meet?
L: I was at the last Pretty Blue Guns show in Stellensbosch – I’d just moved to Cape Town and was looking for people with which to make music. I’m not sure I even met Andre that night but that’s how I like to remember it. It’s a small world and even smaller city and we’re in love with the same things.
CSA: What do you like most about each other?
A lot of things.  We like how much we love the music. And Nick Cave.
CSA: What is the special ingredient that makes Medicine Boy work?
L: Formaldehyde. And obsession. And love.
CSA: Briefly describe your music-making process?
L: It usually starts with a small idea, a breath & a box of matches. The rest we can’t say.
CSA: What inspires you?
L: Space. Noise. Broken things.
CSA: Most memorable career moment?
L: There have been a few. Missing flights have not been one of them.
CSA: 7 songs on your playlist right now:
L: We’ve been heavily into the latest Nick Cave & Lisa Hannigan albums. We’re currently in the mixing process of the new Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys album so we’ve been listening to a lot of that. It get’s quite intense.
CSA: Who is the coolest musician/band you have met/ performed with?
L: We have so many friends in amazing bands down here and a handful in Europe.
CSA: What are you currently working on?
L: We’re finishing off the Lost Boys album. We’ve started writing for our next album.
I love: Joni Mitchell
I’m superstitious about: Superstition.
My biggest fear: Being ruled by fear.
My strength: My curiosity.
My weakness: My curiosity.
My wildest fantasy: Writing a damned good novel.
I can’t live without: Fantasy.
Fav hangout spot: My bedroom.
The title of my biography would be: My bedroom.
Happiness is: My bedroom – my book – my Joni – my coffee.
I overuse the word/phrase: Wonderful.

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