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CSA Global presents a 360 Communications division able to place brands in the world of who matters most – the consumer – and their world in yours. We have provided our services to some of Africa’s most forward-thinking brands on a global level. With a world-wide network achieved over two decades, CSA enables engagement with celebrity ambassadors and taste-masters appropriate to a brand’s identity.

We enable beneficial partnerships while maximizing the ROI of each engagement – employing social media touch points and PR platforms. Our network of high-level professionals – from staging specialists to directors, producers and logistics kingpins amplify  CSA’s Activate Division to provide brands with extraordinary, integrated experiences. It’s these experiences that play a key role in redefining brand relevance.

We exist at the epicenter of pop-culture, we reimagine multi-cultural brand relevance.


  • 360 Communications division, Amplifying Talent, Activating Experiences, Global Sports Partner.
  • Servicing Africa’s most forwardthinking brands on a global level.
  • A worldwide network achieved over two decades.
  • Enables engagement with celebrity ambassadors and tastemasters.
  • Aligns your brand with CULTURE.

BNG Nectar

The House of BNG launches one of SA’s first true sparkling wine in a can! Bonang Matheba’s House of BNG continues its unstoppable ascent in the South African luxury beverage market with its latest release, BNG NECTAR, one of the first South African Luxury beverage brands to produce a true sparkling wine in a can. We embedded the catchphrase “Turn any location, into an occasion!” as a call to action and announced summer’s latest accessory. The release trended all over social media and sold out within days.


In an Industry first, Sony Music Entertainment and CSA announced an exciting joint venture which will facilitate existing artist-brand opportunities and develop new talent on the continent.

“We Deserve Bettr”

For the launch of the GEN-Z focused financial institution, Bettr Bank, CSA identified 2 key influencers: Costa Titch and Dee Koala to create a trap hit that captured the imagination of the demographic. CSA then handled communications across all youth lifestyle platforms as well as financial literacy, tech and business, setting the scene for Bettr’s introduction as the go to young adult bank.

Smirnoff Games Night

Smirnoff Vodka presented a six-episode popular culture trivia celebrity Games Night show online. Hosted by DJ Doowap it featured celebrity guests facing off for bragging rights.  CSA handled all communication around the show, using celebrity news to influence brand traction and relevance.

C.S.A.’s monthly cultural portal, The WIRE connects the dots of culture. With concise stories, many with video content, take a premium dive into the world of African entertainment & cultural fluidity. It’s one thing to be hip to what’s happening but it is another to know why.

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