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In the last few weeks, Bonang Matheba was a force of nature, a whirlwind of branded power that seemed to effortlessly touch every entrepreneurial sweet spot in an accomplished modus operandi that truly earns her the moniker “Queen B”, but this time, the “B” stands for business.

Her media presence continues to be robust and interwoven with a impact from a feature in Activate, a six-part National Geographic documentary to being recognised as “Glamour’s “Most Glamorous Icon, featured on the October 2019 cover with designer Rich Mnisi. A media coup whipped fans up into a frenzy with the exclusive “The House of BNG Luncheon, set to become a fixture on the celebrity event. The media attention indicated a sound and strategic understanding of crafting brand exposure together with cultivating a lifestyle “buy-in” to a branded product. Seguing to another event, the House of BNG was announced as the official celebration partner for the Sun Met 2020, Africa’s richest racing day and Fashionista parade.

The media powerhouse attributes the foundation of her empire-in building, is to having an absolute sense of who she is, what her capabilities are and translating that into doing what she loves and getting paid for it. “I only do things that I love or that I’m passionate about. I try to find in my partners and brands that I collaborate with this same love for what we are doing and what we want to achieve”. It’s a simple lesson, millions of people are passionate about what she is passionate about. The authenticity of this passion is carried over to her audience who connect succinctly to her brand partnerships and builds sustainability.

Bonang also places value in consistency. Her work ethic has been mastered by years of hard work. She delivers excellence in her core competencies. She did not however arrive to success unscathed by setbacks and failure. “Equip yourself with knowledge so that you don’t make the same mistake twice. You can’t blame anyone.  Failure is a reality when trying things, but learn the lessons and move along. The next time it’s a perfect success”.

Bonang underscores sound business principles with her interactions with people and it begins with respect she says. “Firstly, respect yourself and treat yourself with kindness. Respect time, learn to say “no” to things that don’t add value, remember time is money and opportunities don’t wait forever. Respect the people that you work with and the connections that you make. In the world of social media connection is King. And finally, respect money. Be smart with the rewards of your hard work, especially when you run your own business so save and invest and pay your taxes. Money is a tool that can also change lives for the better, so learn to give back and make a difference when you are in a position to”. 

It goes without saying that Bonang is smart, ambitious, hardworking and strategic. A peek behind the social media into the world of doing business “Moghel” style definitely provides a winning blueprint in 21st entrepreneurship.

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