The South African music landscape will never be the same since Moonchild stepped on the scene. Her unique brand of Future Ghetto Funk and supercharged sexual energy are a breath of fresh air, and we can’t get enough.  In true Moonchild fashion, her Twitterview was bold, playful, and revealing

Words: Tshiamo Seape


When Moonchild agreed to our twitterview request we didn’t know what to expect – the girl is a wild card. She’s brimming with so much confidence and energy that one can hardly expect to contain her in 140 characters. There was no helping it, however. All we could do was sit back and let the blue-haired bombshell take the reigns and lead us where she wanted. The results were more than we could have imagined.


Moonchild didn’t waste any time, and the first order of business was roping in some of her friends, like Lady Skollie, to get the party started.


Moonchild is now an internationally touring artist and her fans were eager to find out what it’s like performing abroad at Primavera Sound.


Once everyone got comfortable it was time to unleash the Moonchild we all know and love. While the early stages of the Twitterview were dedicated to establishing who she was as a recording artist the conversation quickly turned to who she is as a person: an unapologetic sexual being. Sex and sexuality are some of Moonchild’s favourite topics and when her adoring Moonbeams brought up the topic she took to it with unsurprising eagerness.



From there, our Twitterview took an unexpected turn when South African skate king, Jean-Marc joined the conversation. Unbeknownst to most of her fans, Moonchild is an avid skater. Having South Africa’s premiere talent drop to add his 2 cents was more than we could have imagined. The two proceeded to have their own back and forth as if they were the only people in the room.


Moonchild is a beautiful enigma. We struggle to wrap our heads around just how incomparable she is. She is a genre-bending musical and advocate of sexual freedom, in addition to being a designer and cartoon obsessed skater chick. She breaks the mould so effortlessly it makes wonder if we are even doing enough. Stay tuned to The Radar for more on this unattainable superstar or catch up with her on social media.


Instagram: moonchildsanelly

Twitter: moonsanelly


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