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Mpho Dagada combines all the characteristics of a self-made South African Success story. He is an insightful entrepreneur, accomplished author and speaker with a passion for business and is well known as the authority on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.  Mpho’s enthusiasm extends to community development and is an active and pivotal member in community projects.

Mpho’s maverick journey to success opens up with him making his first million with Cryptocurrency at the age of 21 and earning the moniker “Mr. Bitcoin”. His story has its foundations in lessons and values learned from business minded and accomplished grandparents. It is they, who laid the seeds of understanding what it means to be succcesful in business.

Mpho’s journey however is not of the fantastical, there was no stumbling into wealth. Rather, a forthright determination would be the lode stone guiding him through the murky waters of business. These would include errors like falling a Ponzi schemes like Kipi and losing his money on more than one occasion. But the value of these many lessons were taken to heart and create a force of turning it all around as he discovered the viability and wealth potential of Bitcoin.

Embracing the self-creating opportunity of entrepreneurship, Dagada invested the profits after opening up his own laundry and cleaning Service Company into ‘bit-coin’ in 2013. This unchartered new currency mining landscape would render all its secrets and possibilities as Dagada immersed himself in the mechanics of cryptocurrency. “There were no mentors”, he said. “I had to learn everything myself”. And so the knowledge hungry Dagada applied himself to learning everything Bit-coin had to offer and in the end, transform the then impossible into financial wealth. Dagada deconstructs for us “we will never understand the money of the future without learning how money came about in the first place. Blockchain and Bitcoin are now pioneering a new online financial world. Cryptocurrencies will replace fiat money in the end, as they are faster, better and more convenient than all the earlier forms of currency.

Given that Dagada has turned his eyes to the 4th Industrial Revolution we should all pay attention.


The Fourth Industrial Revolution represents a fundamental change in the way we live, work and relate to one another. It is a new chapter in human development, enabled by extraordinary advances in technology.

The keynotes that Dagada delivers globally are centered on spreading the knowledge necessary to increase the involvement of Corporates in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. These keynotes are structured around getting Africa “READY.

It is more than just technology-driven change; it is an opportunity to help everyone, including leaders, policy-makers and people from all income groups and nations to embrace technology in order to be inclusive and people focused. 

Mpho Dagada raises the question; what impact will it have on jobs and careers over the next few years or decades? How the 4th Industrial Revolution will impact the way which we do business, and more importantly how to tech and skill proof your life as and when it happens. As an insightful corporate speaker Mpho’s insight into this significant topic will be of vital importance to all corporate entities.

Mpho Dagada continues to be recognised as a “key opinion leader” (KOL) or an impactful influencer. KOL’s are described as a member of a community whose expert advice is respected by others in their field and are authorities on a specific topic. Valued for his insight and depth of applicable knowledge has been appointed Presidential Commissioner to advise and draft policy as South Africa prepares for the 4th Industrial Revolution. Are you prepared?

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