Mr Eazi. An African tomorrow Artist, today!

by | Mar 11, 2021 | Entertainment, Music, Talent

  • Chart topping collabs and number 1 hits.
  • A new EP, between 2 worlds.
  • emPawa secures US20M funding.
  • Eazi’s Vision.

Mr.Eazi’s stage name is a misnomer. The artist’s nonchalance does not capture the hard work, talent and entrepreneurial spirit that has generated a phenomenal year thus far. Witness chart topping collaborations with Major Lazer and Nicki Minaj on “Oh My Gawd, “Lento” with J Balvin and Nigeria’s number 1 single of the year,  “Nobody”, a collaboration with DJ Neptune and Joeboy, which has racked up an enviable 100 million streams worldwide.

The lead single, “The Don”, for Mr Eazi’s latest EP drop, “Something Else”, is an operatic tour du force. An Afrofuturist production so slick with beats and style it’s no surprise that Mr Eazi is leading the way in crafting a sophisticated African urban sound.

He marries this with a cinematic persona and “The Don” is a nod to his his entrepreneurial past, from phone sales to gold mining tech. It’s this fusion of Business and Art – and how they reflect off each other – that makes Mr Eazi a fascinating artist. He’s making music on his own terms and so the story telling is authentic and visceral, while also making business moves to secure a diversified, invested future.

Image Source: Instagram/Mr Eazi

One of these investments is the African music industry itself. His emPawa program has proven to be a dynamic music incubator. Through funding and strategic learning opportunities, 100s of artists are benefitting. emPawa receives 10s of 1000s of music entries, positioning itself not only as talent scout, but also as a cultural barometer of emerging trends, sounds and undiscovered artists. Most notable is the popstar prodigy Joeboy, the emPawa alum who recently dropped his debut LP. Somewhere Between Beauty and Magic, to critical acclaim.

Receiving US$20 million from the African Music Fund to finance up-and-coming creatives, Mr. Eazi’s vision of a collective of African artists achieving world and pan-continental recognition is a clear indicator he is on to something.

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So much so, that he is consumed with listening to local demos: “I’m not listening on Apple Music or Spotify or anything, I’m just listening to demos that artists from all across Africa are sending to me. For me, it’s just like, there’s still so many artists that have to be introduced to the world that will make their way and find their audiences and find their tribes.” 

Between his own journey as an artist, kickstarting the careers of others and strategically diversifying his entrepreneurial goals, Mr Eazi presents a workable template for future African Artists. And the world is listening.

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