In a quick Q&A yesterday, Nasty C dropped a couple of interesting secrets. As we were all hoping and now highly anticipating, the answer to “Are you working on a new album” was Yes! What will the title be? Well, we decided that the first one to guess it gets it! Start guessing on our social channels FacebookTwitterInstagram – Words: Nadine Oosthuizen 


On another note we’ve also been wondering…


What has been Nasty’s favourite part of making his single Hell Naw?
Nasty C: The way it actually came about! I was hanging out with a friend on my balcony hearing some beats playing inside. As a joke I started building lines on that beat, and eventually we ended up with a song. Hell Naw!


How does he feel about Euphonik’s remix of Hell Naw?
Nasty C: I think it’s dope, I tell him all the time. I like that he didn’t just add drums and called it a mix, he actually made a completely new song.


If there was one song he wishes he had written, which would it be?
Nasty C: Pick Up the Phone by Young Thug


Any other collaborations in the works?
Nasty C: That you’ll just have to wait and see!


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