Nissi Ogulu’s “Jigsaw Tribe” – a new NFT artwork series

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  • Providence: Nigeria/London
  • ‘Jigsaw Tribe’, a digital art series
  • A campaign on the Binance platform
  • CSA assisted in coordinating and executing the ‘JigSaw Tribe’ NFT project

Multi-hyphenated talent, Nissi Ogulu, does little in half measures, launching her own NFT series ‘Jigsaw Tribe’ and a new single, “Gravity”, simultaneously. The daughter of an illustrious Nigerian entertainment family, Nissi’s ‘Jigsaw Tribe’ takes the viewer on an artistically rhythmic journey through African instrumentation, in a visually compelling, hyper-contemporary fashion.


Born in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, into a highly creative family, Nissi Ogulu’s older brother is Burna Boy (dubbed ‘the African Giant’) and her grandfather is Benson Idonije who was Afrobeat legend Fela Kuti’s manager. She credits entertainment business mogul, Bose Ogulu, her mother, who she describes as a “powerhouse”, for her and her sibling’s flair for creativity and innovative thinking. Her sister, Ronami, is also a genius in the world of fashion and creative strategy.

An Artist’s Journey”

As an artist, Nissi has worked with a variety of mediums but found her niche in the world of fine art with her unconventional, contemporarily driven style of paintings and artistic innovative design. She has further expanded her deep involvement in the digital realm with her founding of Creele Animation Studios, which creates black and African content with storytelling through animation, music, the metaverse and games.

‘Jigsaw Tribe’, a digital art series

A collection of unique digital art pieces exploring the music heritage of Africa through ancient yet animated instruments, ‘Jigsaw Tribe’ explores the different facets of life and music, each represented as a puzzle piece, in a hyper-contemporary artistic expression. This journey through the rhythmic lanes of Africa explores the hand-crafted pieces of art that produce a variety of sounds while delving into the different facets of both life and music. It is an experience across the continent and cultures to discover authentic musical instruments in all their colourful glory, each represented in the art series as a puzzle piece, forming a connection and larger pattern of meaning and significance.

“What excites me is the fact that African music and culture are finally getting the renown and success they so richly deserve as being integral to global music and creativity. So, the collection is my artistic take on bringing the continent’s vibrant music tradition and all-round creative brilliance to the world, this time in an animated way. That we launched the NFT series on Africa Day has huge significance for me,” says Nissi.

An exclusive NFT auction

The ‘Jigsaw Tribe’ auction ran successfully on the Binance platform from May 30-June 20, with various NFT options and tier pricing. Added value utilities include invitations to live events and art exhibitions along with concessions on signed & printed digital art pieces and whitelisting privileges to future NFT drops.

The series follows the success of the Binance NFT premium collection, featuring digital artworks as a meaningful event in the contemporary art space. As such, a percentage of sales will go to The Reach, an Ogulu family initiative which provides 6000 meals a month for underprivileged people in Nigeria along with other ad hoc community initiatives.

CSA assisted in coordinating and executing the ‘JigSaw Tribe’ NFT project in partnership with Binance Charity and Binance NFT marketplace, actioned through: promotional assets (promo videos, social media assets); Press release origination and syndication; stakeholder origination and management, NFT Pricing strategies and Animation final edits.

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