On lockdown with S.A skateboarder Jean-Marc

by | May 11, 2020 | Athlete Sports, Athletes, Olympics, Skateboarding, Uncategorized

Little did South African Olympic hopeful skateboarder and Guinness World Record Holder, Jean-Marc Johannes (from Athlone Cape Town) know that a global pandemic would throw a spanner in the run up to the Tokyo hosted 2020 Olympics, now scheduled for next year. Jean-Marc went from amassing qualifying points in high-level competitive events all around to being grounded on lockdown like all of us. We catch up with Jean-Marc as he trains at home in-between dreaming of gold.

Along with steadily maintaining an optimum fitness level, Jean-Marc continues to do what he does best: break records. He recently broke professional footballer Leroy Sane’s side step record and then smashed pro golfer Rory McIlroy’s plank get-up record on the Nike Living Room Cup Challenge.

Ever mindful of the break in a jam-packed international touring schedule, Jean-Marc was also recently announced as an Ambassador to South Africa’s prestigious HFPA Fitness Academy and granted a scholarship to study National Certificate in Sport Management

“I am incredibly grateful to receive a scholarship opportunity to study for this course in Sports Management. A big thank you to the HFPA Academy for this learning opportunity, a chance I could only have previously dreamt of,” says Jean-Marc of HFPA which specializes in innovative and comprehensive programmes in Health and Sport for Fitness Professionals.

“As the world is changing so quickly, unconventional career paths are becoming much more of a reality. It is so important for me to not only be representative as a skateboarder on the international professional circuit, competing at the highest level and setting world records, but to also inspire youth to use all the opportunities that arise out of pursuing their passion,” says Jean-Marc. “Higher education empowers any athlete looking to leverage their careers into longevity.”


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