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African Fashion is driving important conversations globally. As the rest of the world gossips about Artificial Intelligence, African designers have integrated meaningful strides in sustainability. This is more than gimmicky marketing blurbs but actual forward thinking productions processes. What’s more, is that they continue to deliver looks that push the preconceived ideas of African Fashion into new edgy horizons firmly rooted in tomorrow. With appearances at the Business of Fashion (BoF) 500 to ruling Lagos Fashion Week and South Africa Fashion Week, the days of looking to Europe for the latest sartorial drops are over. Instead, we are cultivating aesthetics, trends, and perspectives of our own, and revolutionizing the industry. The Wire is vibing hard with these emerging designers who represent a new vanguard of creative sustainability and African style. Get to know them, you’ll be wearing them soon.

Lili Bare – Kenya

LilaBare is a Kenya-based fashion label whose cornerstone is eco-friendliness and ethical production.

founder and creative director Ria Ana Sejpal, creates a look that is the height of cotemporary Afro-chic with lines and fabrications that honour a multitude and traditions and cultures and earns its place without fanfare in many regions as an obvious pervading style.

The name LilaBare is formed from two words, Lila (Sanskrit) and Bare (English) and means “the outcome of creative play” and “in its natural state”, respectively. This is the brand’s premise. Its sustainable approach to design is built into its production and practically realised with the use of regenerative fibres, locally crafted garments, natural dyes, items that are upcycled and durable.

As such, LilaBare encourages clients to return pieces for free repairs and reworks. On the social front, the brand also encourages inclusivity and gender fluidity.

Ajobi – Nigeri /UK

Nigerian fashion label Ajobi by Abigail Ajobi is pushing hard on sustainable streetwear. It has had a very meaningful impact on the lives of women, vulnerable children, youth, disadvantaged people, prison inmates and broader society through education, advocacy, and sustainable development programmes through its real world contributions to charity foundation, Keeping It Real Foundation.

Abigail Ajobi has had a whirlwind of impactful appearances the London Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week and Lagos Fashion Week within the last 2 years. As a graduate of the London College of Fashion her brand remains rooted in the modern streets of Africa equally at home in Lagos, Johannesburg or Kinshasha. Her contribution to sustainability and community empowerment has been recognized with the University of the Arts London Enterprise award and she has been shortlisted for the British Fashion Council’s Newgen award for the best emerging fashion design.

Ajabeng – Ghana

Ghanaian designer and artist Travis Obeng-Casper, and founder of Ajabeng has his eyes deep into the future, making clothes for today. Nothing is taken for granted, from the choice of colour and fabric textures to the design elements, through to accessories and tailoring, Travis presents clothes that are a fine mix of minimalism and contemporary African art in menswear and womenswear.

As a fresh label, launched in 2018, it has been emphatically part of the sustainability movement with collections that promote eco-friendliness. His viewpoint and philosophy has resonated and found significance with features in Vogue Italia and Arise 30Under30, and is also stocked by leading e-commerce platforms such as The Folklore and Industries Africa.

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