SEKBI Bogolan and Asi collaborate

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  • Music and Fashion have always gone together.
  • About Sekbi Bogolan with Co-Founder and Creative Director Binta Kake Coulibaly
  • Sekbi Bogolan and Asi collaborate
  • Ghanian musician Asi

Music and Fashion have always been inextricably linked. The two cultural touch points have fed off and inspired each other through the ages, providing civilization its look and sound in every era. The recent collaboration between brand SEKBI Bogolan and Ghanian musician Asi is no different, sensitively enhancing the messaging for design and the music. The Wire spoke to Co-Founder and Creative Director Binta Kake Coulibaly from SEKBI Bogolan and Musician Asi about their impactful culture collaboration.

The Wire chats to SEKBI Bogolan Co-founder & Creative Director, Binta Kake Coulibaly:

What is the Design philosophy behind Sekbi Bogolan

Style, heritage and consciousness are at the core of our design process. The idea is to create timeless, unique and elegant collections with an edge accessible to a global audience, yet inspired by our African culture while being strongly committed to sustainable practices.

How does this connect to the Brand message?

SEKBI Bogolan is about African heritage created to inspire the world. It’s about fusing African and Western aesthetics to create a new luxury approach for a global audience. A lot of people are attracted by different cultures and lifestyles and the SEKBI Bogolan brand caters to this customer, who’s looking for high end and culturally mixed styles.

Who is the woman that wears SEKBI Bogolan?

First, the SEKBI woman can be located anywhere in the world. She’s a woman of today, a world citizen. She’s confident and has a strong sense of style and fashion yet her personality and natural elegance must shine through the way she dresses. She prioritizes long-lasting, effortlessly chic pieces.

The Signature Print has a rich history and heritage. What elements have been especially brought into the clothing as a contemporary brand?

Indeed our SEKBI signature print features Bogolan’s iconography (that being: good fortune, brave and wealthy soul, integrity, support and accountability) that the ancestors have been using for generations. Bogolan has been around for more than 400 years and yet its story telling and symbols still have an impactful meaning today. We just integrated these symbols and, by extension, values, to a modern aesthetic that can speak to our customers.

What is the must have SEKBI Bogolan clothing item?

The BAMBARA blazer is a statement piece of the collection. It showcases our overall signature print and the double-breasted fit of the blazer enhances a woman’s figure. Plus it can be worn with either our DJORO or FULAtrousers, a MARIE skirt or simply with jeans.

What is the future vision for Sekbi Bogolan?

SEKBI Bogolan goes beyond fashion. It’s a lifestyle; a mindset; a legacy. The goal is to build a strongly-rooted, long-lasting brand that will inspire future generations. We want also to pursue the journey towards sustainability, contribute to poverty alleviation on the African continent and create manufacturing and production structures that will allow us to build a solid eco system.

How did the collaboration with Asi come about?

We first noticed Asi during a private showcase and were immediately drawn into her vibe and talent. By engaging the conversation, we realized we had a lot in common in terms of creativity and vision. We then started discussing a collaboration in which her African soul songs could mix with SEKBI Bogolan’s spirit and it resulted in the “Legacy” album that we are so proud to share with the world.

Was there always the idea to align Sekbi Bogolan with a musical artist?

We love music. It really is a big part of our creative process and our eclectic taste in terms of musical genres allows us to think of a global customer while creating collections. So it made sense for us to partner with a rising talent such as Asi.

With the interest in African fashion and Design from the rest of the world right now, what is your advice for aspiring young African Designers?

We would say that, as an aspiring designer, you should go for it and don’t be afraid to create something that feels authentic to you. Don’t try to be someone else or copy what others are doing; there is still so much room for African creatives. The key is to be consistent and focused. We also think it’s important to create sustainable systems and structures and find workforce on site wherever possible in order to build a solid industry on the continent.


The Wire chats to music artist Asi:

How did the collaboration with the Sekbi Bogolan come about? What attracted you to the project?

I had met Sekou Coulibaly (Co-Founder of Sekbi) in Mauritius (2018) at the ‘African Leadership Network Conference’ where I was performing. He then approached me and we connected immediately, especially when I realized he lived in Ghana. Fast forward, we reconnected when I got back to Ghana as my curiosity on what SEKBI Bogolan was about had been intrigued. I connected so much with the essence of SEKBI Bogolan and this is what led to the collaboration in the first place. Their values, mission and vision are aligned with mine and was a naturally great partnership which lead to an inspiring creative journey. 

 The video clips are instantly iconic. Does wearing clothing by SEKBI Bogolan enhance your visual performance?

In the One Chance video, wearing SEKBI brings the song to life and allows for the audience to experience a unique, three dimensional artistic vision: music, fashion and dance. 

What do you enjoy about SEKBI Bogolan clothing the most?

The simplicity and classiness that come with their styles 

This collaboration is a great way to amplify culture via fashion and music. Is this expressionism important to you as an artist ?

The songs are inspired by SEKBI Bogolan values. Each song is connected to the meaning of the patterns on the cloths which are centered on African identity and heritage, going back centuries and now ready to be globally shared. I believe strongly that an artist’s duty is to reflect the times, their identity and their beliefs through their art. 

Whats your favourite SEKBI Bogolan item?

I love the ANNA dress so much. It is so simple and chic!

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