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As the juggernaut that is social media propels itself one gargantuan leap after the issue of content fatigue is raising its ugly head. Exactly how much can a person read, watch and engage with before the shutters come down. This is a challenge for the creative industry and alarm bells are ringing.

Duplicate content is being banned by social media networks and Facebook and Twitter are bringing the hammer down on unoriginal content in their newsfeed, all of which spells the death knell for curated content.

But all is not lost. In a not so ironic twist, the catchy “tell me a story” mantra now has free reign because your audience is not just a consumer. They are your best friend who you catch up with, share a funny story, joke or memory with. You can’t get a conversation that is more real than that and it’s in the authenticity of original content that true connections between brand and consumer are generated and nurtured.

This purpose-driven content delivers “what has not been seen before” and opens up the body of your brand in an expansive way that targets consumers in a manner that is strategic and meaningful. In contrast, repetitions and recycled ideas water down connections and devalue genuineness that the brand’s story initially told.

In a Digital Report by We Are Social for 2019, 200 million Instagram users visited a business profile daily, with 75% of users taking action such as visiting a website or making a purchase after seeing an advert. The rise of the video has reignited the creative drive for generating original content. Hubspot indicated that a quarter of all ads on Instagram are videos with younger consumers preferring it over textual content while Business Wire revealed that 85% of millennials purchased a product after watching a video about it.

The mechanics are sound and the numbers speak for themselves. What drives success and impact is the quality of the content born out of the ability to spark emotion and resonate authentically. The content must be original and uncontrived. At the rate at which audiences consume media, originality is still the OG of content creation.

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