The Art of Style – Meet Mozambican Fashion Stylist: Luxury RecYcle.

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  • Winner of the 2021 Ordartey Fashion and Style Awards for Best fashion stylist.
  • Has styled SA celebs Kelly Khumalo, Jimmy Dludlu & Anele Zondo
  • From ad campaigns to a TV show, music video, photoshoots and red carpets.
  • Creating a movement for alternative people with creative minds.

Taking the Art of styling to the next level is creative and music artist Luxury RecYcle. More than creating a look, Luxury RecYcle is carving a modern African aesthetic which is future forward, combining passion, being cool AF and embracing technology. His goal is to put Mozambican creatives on the world stage. The Wire, powered by CSA talks to Luxury RecYcle about the Art of Style.

The Wire: Why the name Luxury Recycle? Tell us a little bit about your background and journey in becoming one of Africa’s hottest creatives in the fashion styling industry?

Luxury Recycle: The name Luxury Recycle is an interpretation of what I do. I always say “everything I touch turns into gold” and, with that said, I believe that I can transform any type of person no matter what current style status they have. I can transform them into a better version of themselves, so I call it “Luxury RecYcLe”.

 I began as a fashionista and a fashion lover in the industry in Mozambique. I started making deep research about fashion and discovered fashion styling. I fell in love with the art of styling people and transforming their looks, so I started with styling my friends who also happened to be artists in Mozambique and opportunities started rolled in soon after. My first A List job was styling the award-winning Angolan superstar, Edmazia Mayembe, for an award show performance in Luanda. The look was considered the best look of the night and was a major breakthrough for me. I immediately received many international and local jobs to style a number of various projects such as TV shows, commercials, red carpets, music videos, runway shows and more.

TW: Music and Fashion. How do you balance and find time between the two?

LR: Music and fashion have always been very present in my life. Before becoming a stylist, I was already a rapper. I found fashion in music. I am immersed in the Fashion Musician aesthetic, so everything I talk about on my songs is fashion and lifestyle and is a reflection, and extension, of what I do as a stylist.

TW: Tell us about your creative process. How do you remain authentic in your work as a stylist, musician and all-round creative? What inspires you creatively?

LR: My creative process is very organic.  I’m a fashion and music geek. I’m constantly researching. I’m always getting inspired by everything I encounter. In terms of authenticity, the driving force for me is making a difference in whatever I do. I remain inspired by trying to change the existing narrative, creating something unique that has never been seen before.

TW: With a star-studded portfolio including Anele Zondo, Edmázia Mayembe, Kelly Khumalo, Pérola, El Puto, Rui Orlando, Yola Araujo and Jimmy Dludlu (to name a few), is there anybody you would love to work with in the future? Walk us through your approach when styling different individuals.

LR: Yes there are a lot of stars that I would love to work with, such as Wizkid, Rihanna, ASAP Rocky, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Tyler The Creator, Pharrell Williams, Oprah, Naomi Campbell, Maluma, J Balvin, Davido and Zendaya. I want to explore more. When I’m styling individuals, I try to deliver the best styling elements for each personality, so that their persona comes through authentically and that they look the best version of themselves. It’s about making the connection to their identity and expressing that through a story told by clothes.


TW: Congratulations on being nominated for Ghana Style Awards’ International Stylish Icon of the Year! Tell us about your mission to put Mozambique on the international fashion map and where you see yourself within the next 10 years? 

LR:  I want to make Mozambique and Mozambican creatives famous for their art. There are so many talented artists who don’t have access to platforms that can showcase their abilities. In ten years, I see myself owning a Community/Company for everyone who wants to create art and technology, as well as create opportunities for creatives to launch international careers. I have also co-founded a company called Game Time Enterprises with my brother, Elgar Miles “DeHermes”. It is a Technology company, and we are about to release the first Mozambican Videogame. The goal is to drive the tech-gaming space in Mozambique forward.

I also see myself as one of the most successful stylists and fashion musicians from Mozambique with Luxury RecYcLe becoming an eccentric and edgy clothing brand. My intention is that Luxury Recycle will not just be a person but a movement for alternative people with creative minds.

TW: Do you have any advice for aspiring up-and-coming African creatives?

LR: Never stop dreaming, never stop believing anything that is possible when you really want it! Just fly my fellow creatives fly.

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