The future sound and look of De Hermes

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  • From between Rome and Mozambique, comes De Hermes
  • Fashion and Architecture passions
  • A sound from the future
  • “No one styles me”
  • The biggest Mozambican hip hop festival

De Hermes is light years ahead of the curve. His is a new breed of young African creative talent, expressed by multiple passions including fashion, architecture and music. With a futuristic sound and a look coming in hard from a ‘tomorrow Africa’, De Hermes is all about creating a vibe, telling stories, and showing the world that Africa is not about following trends but creating them.

The Wire powered by CSA spoke to this young talent about what inspires him and more.

The Wire: Your background in Fashion and architecture is so interesting. Do you bring any of those elements into your music?

De Hermes: Yes, I do. Fashion and architecture are such a part of me that they are woven into my expression as an artist. From studying to be an architect and then to be a fashion designer has shaped the way I think and feel. Its these sensitivities that I bring to my music, especially the little details that shape sound and lyrics. These passions inform the passion I have for music and collectively transform it into something greater.

TW: What is your creative process when creating a track?

DH: It depends. Sometimes it begins with a beat or sound I receive from a producer. If something catches my ear I freestyle over it. Other times I will write a lyric. Mostly it’s about a vibe and letting something evolve organically from that. I can write a song in five minutes or it can take five days. It all depends on the vibe and how its flowing.

TW: What is your music inspired by?

DH: I am inspired by everything that surrounds me. I love fashion and architecture. I lived in Rome and that was a wonderful place to be, surrounded by art, culture, ideas, and a certain way of looking at life. It influenced my way of creating. I like to feel unforced when creating, so that it is organic and a natural mode of expressing myself.

TW: How do you describe your style in music?

DH: I’m definitely on the unique side of things. My goal is always to be me; I don’t follow tends.  I love to experiment and to try new things, catching new sounds and production methods. I would say I have a futuristic sound which is a mixture of hip hop, rock and pop, driven by love and fire and burning.


TW: With your background in fashion, is it difficult to be styled by someone else for your music videos?

DH: No one styles me. My looks come from me; I’ve always done this all my life. Before becoming a designer I worked for one of the biggest hip hop groups in Mozambique as a stylist while managing the merchandise, coming up with looks and concepts and styling people for videos. People still come to me to be styled. This has led me to design my own range and I’m almost ready to release new pieces once my brand is launched.

TW: Do you enjoy collaborating with other artists?

DH: I love collaborating, I need to be surrounded by creative people. Not just musicians. I like to be in the studio with other artists too, especially with those who understand that painting, music and art are one and the same. If you surround yourself with people who think differently, but creatively, you will be in a good space to think imaginatively.

TW: Any potential for collaborating with South African Artists?

DH: I can’t wait to collaborate with South African artists. I grew up listening to SA hip hop. Guys like AKA, K.O, Casper, Riky Rick (R.I.P) all inspired me. After being away from Africa for so long, it feels like the right time to work together with South African artists. In fact I’m already in contact with many of them, so watch out for something soon.

TW: Can we expect to see any new projects, music, tours this year?

DH: I would love to tour this year. I always have new projects in development including new music and dropping a deluxe version of my album from last year. I also have a project in the tech world. Currently I’m preparing the roll out of the biggest hip hop festival yet in Mozambique under my Vibranium brand … which is very exciting.

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