The Pandemic locked them down, and they gathered online

by | Jan 14, 2021 | Art, Entertainment, Events and Competitions, Fashion, Lifestyle, Music, Tech, Trends

  • It’s not a trend, it’s a technology.
  • Virtual concerts, fashion shows and home entertainment.
  • A new marketing frontier.

Necessity is the mother of invention, as they say, and Augmented Reality, Alternative Reality, Mixed Reality and other non-reality realities certainly had a moment during 2020 last year. From virtual concerts like Travis Scott and “Fortnite” shattering records with millions of viewers and birthing the new touring model, to fashion shows pivoting to online virtual shows in an effort to save the industry, to art and entertainment experienced from the comfort and safety of your own home, we all gathered online.

It’s quite telling to know that Mark Zuckerberg has invested $2Billion in the technology. He obviously knows something, and a billion or 2 is still not to be sneezed at, constituting quite a risk of a tech gamble. But the technology is not just intended for amusement. It’s the further applications of education, in the health care industry, the safety industry or even those operating heavy machinery that can fundamentally change our behavior and how we interact with the tech in a positive way that is the most thrilling, and it’s not just a pipe dream. NASA for example has already sent their astronauts to Mars via VR.

Knowing that it is not a trend, but a technology we are all primed to adopt, we have already seen marketers demonstrate attributes and features which let customers experience products before buying. This is simply a new branding and marketing frontier. Is your brand ready?

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