23 Sep Emerging Cape Town’s edgy streetwear label DEUCE ONLINE keeps it luxuriously lekker

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  • Inspired by early 2000 hip hop
  • Stylish velvet tracksuits for men and women
  • For bold individuals seeking iconic style, luxury and comfort
  • Cape Town heritage with a vision


One of those Cape Town style secrets is breaking through into national awareness with talent, flair and self-assurance. The Wire spoke to Jody and Justine from DEUCE ONLINE on the set of We Deserve Bettr, a new video for Bettr Bank, aimed at the Gen Z community, starring Costa Tich and Dee Koala.

TW What is the inspiration behind the brand?

DO We are inspired by the early 2000 hip hop era, which is very much part of our personal style and we wanted to create a brand that emulates that. A visionary who has inspired us is Dapper Dan (Harlem, New York fashion designer), we love his work.


TW What is the brand’s product offering?

DO Our product offering is Tracksuits for men with a baggier oversized look and for women. with a more tailored fitted look.


TW What is the story behind the brands’ name

DO We thought of words that meant 2 or duo, our research came up with Deuce. We loved the meaning and the sound of the word – and we are twins – so it resonated with us.


TW As a street wear label, what is the message to your clients?

DO Ultimately, when wearing our garments, we want or customers to feel luxurious but, also in the “Cape Town” sensibility, we want you feel “lekker”. So Justine and I came up with the catchphrase “luxuriously lekker”. On a personal note we don’t advocate spending huge amounts of cash on clothes but rather to invest in quality pieces that have style longevity. We want our customers to know they can look good and feel good without having to break the bank.


TW Who is your brand’s client?

DO Definitely the hip-hop artist; the creatives; someone who is bold and the best in what they do. Someone who is not afraid to stand out and at the same time be comfortable in their own skin. From the brand’s perspective, no one has created a brand or vision around velvet in Cape Town, so that is our difference and standpoint. Wearing our label on the streets is instantly recognizable and iconic.

TW What is your favourite product/colour way.

DO Our favorite was the Baby Blue. It’s sold out and has been discontinued, so we have kept an exclusivity with the range. Right now our favourite is the Tan. It looks good on all skin tones and it’s really beautiful.


TW Are there any new items coming to the range?

DO Absolutely, we have so many new ideas that will be implemented and are in production which you will see as range drops in the coming months.


TW What is the soundtrack to your brand?

DO “Play by Tekland”. It’s very instrumental with a definitive OG sound and really captures the brand attitude..


TW What was the biggest challenge getting the brand launched?

DO It was really about deciding to create the garments ourselves and all the logistics that came with that. The CMT model did not work for us. Justine studied clothing management and has pattern making and sewing experience. She took on the challenge and ultimately taught me how to sew. After diving into the deep end overall it’s been a beautiful, thrilling and challenging experience and each garment has a little bit of s in it.

TW What is the vision for the brand?

DO To be the number one luxury street wear label in South Africa with pop-up stores across the nation, with the goal of then going global, from Dubai, London and the US.


TW Who is the brand’s celebrity crush? Which celebrity, artist etc would you love to wear your brand.

DO We would love to see Moozli and Ricky Rik in our garments. We also love Youngsta CPT and definitely feel an alignment between the aesthetic of Deuce Online and Youngsta’s style.

Words by Rob Greeff

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