22 Nov EXPRESS YOURSELF! The return of long-form content

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By Rob Greeff


The return of long-form content? I think not would be a likely response. But SEO experts are heralding that this trend will give you the edge in 2020. It’s a given that GOOGLE does not penalize blog posts if they don’t measure up to certain word count limitation, but it intuitively makes more sense that a high quality article with 1500 words will certainly outrank another high quality article of 500 words. It’s this very reason that an influx of article requests by digital publishers with a minimum of 1000 words has steadily gained prevalence during 2019.


Such is the way of things. Corporate blogs will take to long-form content and align it with their content strategies simply because failing to illicit SEO traction on short posts spells the end of engagement. Articles rich in information and insight points the way to readers who hunger for authentic content and GOOGLE’s ever present algorithms will sniff out these bastions of content and rank them higher.


Ideally, long-form content offers one the opportunity to deliver greater online visibility. A consequence is social shares and embedded links. It establishes one as an authority with industry expertise without limiting a cogent thought to 140 characters. Insight is a many layered thing.


According to a study by serpIQ, the average length of content in the top 10 results of search engines indicated top-rated posts were composed of more than 2000 words.



There is a caveat. In your long-form content, each page MUST provide unique value. No senseless waffling allowed. This is vital as your long-form content increases time on your site. You will thus see more page views and reduce the propensity for people to bounce. Direct output? More time with your content enhances more trust with your brand. As a content manger or marketer the onus is on you to deliver exceptional, reliable content as an expert. Only then can the increased volume of content be valuable and have real world efficacy. Welcome back writers and readers and the return of long-form content

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