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16 May A-Reece

This is your portal into the world of big, yet unearthed talents; the shining lights just beyond the horizon. We’ve searched all corners of the continent, and hand-picked those who are changing the urban culture landscape through music, fashion, sports, and entertainment, and we can’t...

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11 May Bibi Bourelly Be Balling

Africans do it best. We told you about the Somalian poet behind Beyoncé’s Lemonade and now we are introducing you to the Moroccan-Haiti descendant who is the voice of bad girl RiRi (and she is a badass too - turning words of profanity into prose) “I...

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25 Apr ROUGE ready

My name is Rouge and I am the rapper in the game who is pretty much about to take over the world” Half South African, half Congolese, a whole lot of baddest rapper in the game, Rouge, is as bold and unforgiving as her name suggest. In a few...

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20 Apr Hemelbesem is Aweh!

Head in the clouds. Feet on the ground. Words: Bianca Agenbag It feels almost unnatural to write about one of the biggest flag-bearers for the Afrikaans language, in well English, but when your subject is as inspirational as him it becomes a whole lot easier. HEMELBESEM - the...

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11 Apr Zoe Modiga is one to watch

Considered as having the potential of a Miriam Makeba or Sibongile Khumalo, Zoë Modiga didn’t choose music, music chose her  Words: Bianca Agenbag   Carving out a name for herself as a soulful songstress characterized by her fearless, playful, and poignant personality, Zoë has already shared the stage with some...

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21 Feb Clean Grip

In the spirit of February, the month of love, we celebrate the power of collaboration. It's about sharing the love for your art, the attraction of creative force and being better together Words: Bianca Agenbag The recipe to success: Combine a shoe lover’s OCD with a great...

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Euphonik Interview 2 - CSA


How well do you know SA's Top House DJ - Part 2         What is your greatest strength? My biggest strength is my ability to stay calm under pressure.   And weakness? My weakness, unfortunately, is that I can procrastinate at times.   Who has been your biggest inspiration throughout your career? Definitely my...

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Tresor - Celebrity Services Africa

13 Jul Meet: Tresor

Over the last few years, singer/song-writer, Tresor, has been steadily working himself up from being a Durban car guard to a 2016 SAMA Award winner. This week Tresor will the opening act for SEAL during his three-concert visit to South Africa   So who exactly is this...

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