22 Nov The Year of the Moghel

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By Rob Greeff

2019 will definitely be seen as the “big break-out” year for “Queen B”. If you weren’t paying attention, which would be a feat on its own considering everywhere you looked Bonang Matheba was there, she served one iconic moment after another. Fans now known as the “B-Force” were in a constant state of hyper-awareness, always calling for more. “Give the people what they want”, the Moghel herself has said and she delivered with aplomb. Blink, and you would miss Bonang wielding the power of media as if she had designed its very functionality.


Bonang always, it would seem, had something on the go behind the scenes.



Her lauded work ethic drove multiple projects all of which arrived like a force of nature and would demand attention, each in its own right. In a world of instant entertainment and media consumption, one should never forget her’s is career years in the making. In 2019 a synergistic alignment.


Take her epic entry into the luxury beverage market with The House of BNG MCC’s (with Bonang becoming the first black woman to become a member of the Cap Classique Producers Association the process. As a new product The House of BNG MCC’s would be the official celebration partner of South Africa’s most prestigious events from the Presidential Inauguration to The Vodacom July, The Forbes under 30 meet-up awards The Miss South Africa pageant to making international news on BBC World News.

The House of BNG Luncheon

Bonang’s media presence has reached formidable heights. She won the Inspiration and Influence Award at the Global Social Awards in Prague. She produced and was featured in the documentary “Public Figure”. Her philanthropic efforts would be seen in the National Geographic documentary “Activate” alongside Hugh Jackman, Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Pharrell Williams. Her hosting live events would have Bonang in the local media too, from Miss SA to hosting the Equanimity Awards in Dallas, Texas.

Just last week Bonang nabbed the very first E! People’s Choice awards African Influencer of the Year award. In a whirlwind trip to the US, Bonang would slay the red carpet at the prestigious Pencils of Promise gala, which happened honour fellow South African Trevor Noah. She would receive her E!  Award a week later in Los Los Angeles, take to the red carpet once again with great style alongside A-Lister Djimon Hounsou at the WildAid Gala in Beverly Hills and then meet up with Charlize Theron at her fund raising gala in New York and squeeze in an interview with the Breakfast Club’s “Charlamagne tha God” and DJ Envy. The interview promptly trended.


It’s a given that any brand or talent would be guided by a by a Public Relations and Communications team. So when we turn our gaze to Bonang, definitive trends and strategies emerge. See if these come to mind when you reflect on her brand activations, disruptions and appearances.



                                                              “I’m not an influencer…I’m influential” – Bonang Matheba


Bonang’s communication style within the sphere of cross platform media exudes a technical strategy that builds powerful content. Everything resonates with her targeted audience. The narratives are editorialized through a news-driven ecosystem. They are armed for timely press syndication. Layered P.R and social media strategies employing doses of Media Jacking are positioned across all media platforms. And here is where it really gets interesting, as each campaign flows seamlessly with foresight, insight and analysis to elevate the brand story from traditional to hybrid and social media. Saying when and where these strategies were used would be telling, but the results have undeniably spoken. 2020 will only further consolidate Queen B’s reign.

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