Top 5 South African Fashion Influencers.

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  • A Perspective on South African Fashion
  • Yaone Refentse
  • Gemaén Jordan Taylor
  • Cherné Africa
  • Kamo Pule
  • Nichola Houwer

Providing a distinctive perspective of contemporary South African Fashion

At their core, South Africa’s Top 5 fashion influencers are storytellers. Beyond the visual aesthetics of superior visual content, SA’s fashion influencers, like our designers, drive a narrative which is more than serving a look. And whether conscious or not, serve us intelligent, thoughtful, imaginative commentary, analysis, in-jokes and, above all, vibes!

What was once solely in the hands of fashion magazines, our fashion influencers combine the mighty powers of photography, styling, curation and their very specific taste to cut through the noise. This in an age where anyone with a voice, an edge, luck and the favour of the algorithm, can be a star.

After a deep dive into style, trends and online cool, The WIRE presents S.A’s top 5 Fashion Influencers:

Yaone Refentse@yaone_refentse

Yaone Refentse is a fashion designer, high fashion enthusiast and eminent style icon. She is half of “Sister Party”, a  YouTube Channel breaking everything fashionable, from sewing DIYs & editorial makeup to vlogs & interviews.

Yaone’s approach to fashion and style is summed up in her words: “Just wearing what makes me happy.” It’s a philosophy that’s more about a state of being that driven by the pressure to fololwo trends. But it’s so much more than that. As a young designer Yaone has a distinctive perspective of contemporary South African fashion, so her images are bold –  from high fashion haute-street vibes to instant iconic Black Girl Rising moments.

Gemaén Jordan Taylor@gemaentaylor

Gemaén Jordan Taylor, is no doubt one of the South Africa’s Leading Male Fashion aficionados. He was named one of the Sexiest Men in South Africa 2019 by Cosmopolitan Magazine as well as GQ’s Best Dressed Man in South Africa that same year. In 2020 , he landed the cover of the Men’s Health Style Guide 2020 Influencers issue but, even more impressively, Gemaén is also credited in the 2020 Disney film Black Is King by Beyoncé for his contribution in wardrobe & style to the movie.

Gemaén’s images are impeccable and land with styled curation of the highest quality and taste.

Cherné Africa@chernaylin

Cherné Africa is a stylist to note. Her vision, perspective and creativity is fashion forward and curatorial with an editor’s eye. She effortlessly breaks the barriers of contemporary fashion styles and challenges herself to create unconventional styling content that is impactful.

Cherne’ is recognized by other style-makers and culture shifters as evidenced by her styling the likes of Rich Mnisi and Nasty C, and when she styles herself for content with Coach, Tread + Miller, Superga, Desigual, and others. Aware of the impact the fashion industry makes on the planet, Cherne’ also leverages her styling in favour of sustainability.

Kamo Pule@kamo_ww

Kamohelo Pule serves flawless looks – hard. From beauty with gorgeously executed make-up and hair to fashion styling that represents urban high fashion, from street to ramp, Kamo confidently owns his space as a member of the LGBTQ+ community. He says: “Not a lot of people are able to express themselves so much, especially in the LGBTQI+ community. I’m a proud representative of the community and I do it to remind everyone that it’s possible to grow (even) with the negative force that people would have on you as one that’s part of that community”.

Nichola Houwer@shopnicolascloset

Online retail entrepreneur, Nichola runs two successful businesses leveraged through her passion for food, fashion, sustainability and staying abreast of the latest trends.

Her online, sustainable store, ‘Shop Nicola’s Closet’, launched in 2019 and Nicola has pushed the previously loved fashion and sustainability movement. Enthusiastically embraced by her fan following, Nichola’s girl next door aesthetic is effortlessly styled and authentic.

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