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Words: Tshiamo Seape


K.O. is back with the release of his latest video, Swagganova, off of his Skhanda Republic sophomore album. His talents never in question, K.O. continues his reign as one of South Africa’s foremost talents. K.O. looks slick in classic cars while rocking his own clothes and fully embodying the Swagganova persona. A statement as much as a video, you’ll be riding to this one for weeks to come.


Kendrick Lamar continues to assert his dominance at the top of global Hip Hop with his latest achievement: winning the Pulitzer Prize for music. Lamar was given the award on Monday in recognition of his 2017 album, DAMN. The album beat out two others- Michael Gilbertson’s Quartet and Ted Hearne’s Sound from the Bench – which broadly fall under the categories of classical music. The award is a first, not only for a Hip Hop album, but the first to fall outside of the jazz or classical stables. This award will surely signal that the elite are finally ready to accept Hip Hop into the fold as a performing art of substance and purpose.


Beyonce stole the show and snatched the wigs off the whole world this past weekend with her mesmerising Coachella performance. The marathon 2-hour performance saw the megastar put on what can only be described as a musical, play and a movie all in one. The performance also featured a Destiny’s Child reunion and a cameo by her sister, Solange. At this point not much more can be said about Beyonce’s greatness other that we are not worthy of it. If you haven’t already, take a look at some of the highlights below.

Kanye West makes his long-awaited return to Twitter with a slew of Kanye-esque axioms that follow a now-deleted tweet, trolling Nike, his former employer, that signalled his return to the social media site. A god, a genius and the worlds biggest rockstar – all by his own admission – he is not someone to be ignored. So, if you have Twitter give ‘Ye a follow and prepare to be entertained and enlightened.




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