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Afrobeats continues to carve out its path to world dominance on its own terms. The genre insists on cultivating its own sense of urban relevance, presenting an Africa fluid in its own modernity, trends and dripping with cool.

Wurld arrives in this moment complete with a fresh electro-fusion Afrobeats inspired sound, high fashion aesthetic and epic cinematic visual with his latest music video “Love Nobody”. This breakthrough is not by chance.

Having written for artists like Akon, Mario, Trinidad James and BOB, co-write the hit song “Blow my Mind” by Davido featuring Chris Brown, it was inevitable his talent would assert its own voice!

The Wire, ever on the pulse of Africa’s urban energy, brings you our first interview with an icon in the making.

To anyone who doesn’t yet know who WurlD is, how would you describe yourself and your sound?

I’m human first and my sound is an Electronic-Afrosoul fusion of different genres of music I’ve been exposed to through my journey.

You moved to the United States when you were a teen for your secondary school and for music. How did this change play a part in creating your music, sound and how you saw your craft?

My music creative journey started in Atlanta, where I found myself amongst some of the most talented Songwriters, Producers and artistes around the world. 

Who do you credit to be your musical inspirations? 

Michael Jackson, Kanye West, Coldplay, Pharrell to name a few.

You are not just a talented musician but have an amazing sense of style, who or what are you fashion inspirations?

My entire family is into fashion. Two of my siblings are also fashion designers. I would say I’m inspired daily with family around me.

The first thing one notices about you is your signature blue hair, what was the inspiration around that?

My Favourite colour is blue. I experiment different shades with my hair depending on my mood and vibe.

What would be the moment that confirmed the idea of you becoming a musician?

I can’t even remember a moment but I was definitely a kid when I made the decision in my head.

Many of artists have a certain modus operandi in how they tackle a project or song. What is your creative process?  

Melodies first, concept second, and then lyrics.

What came first, singing or song writing and which of the two do you prefer?

Singing first. I would say singing as well.

Afrobeats has garnered a huge following worldwide. What makes you stand out from all of the other artists in the genre?

I’ve been able to create my own blend of Afrobeat with Alternative, rnb/soul and electronic music. I believe I’ve created my own Genre of music.

 “I Love Girls With Trobul” was released last year, a collaboration with your countryman Sarz which landed at No. 1 on Nigeria’s iTunes Albums Chart. How did this come about and how was it working with him?

We met in Los Angeles in 2017 and then we connected on ideas of progression of Afrobeat music and where we see it going. The creative process was fluid throughout and we both pushed each other to make the best music for the culture.

You were invited to perform “Ghost Town” on A Colour Show, one of the hottest online platforms for new artists, which premiered today on the Youtube channel. Take us through the experience, and how it all went down? 

The process was smooth. I recorded my live session last month while the pandemic was growing in Germany. There were only 5 Colors Staff working at the time as well. I’m glad we made magic with the time we had.

“Love Nobody” is an upbeat, feel good dance track which is your first single for 2020. Was that deliberate for this time especially during the pandemic or was it a happy coincidence?

Everything I do is deliberate. I wanted to introduce an upbeat free vibe that could help create a lively mood for listeners during this pandemic.

During lock down there has been a massive return to people are listening to music, who are the artists you’re listening to right now?

I’ve been listening to a lot of old music from Michael Jackson, Kanye west, Coldplay, Etta James, Boys2men to name a few.

 What else can we look forward to seeing and hearing Wurld?

More and more music.

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