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Netflix’s first African reality series, Young, Famous & African, is an eight-episode show created and executive produced by award-winning media maven, Peace Hyde, with Adelaide Joshua-Hill and Martin Asare-Amankwa.

The show – in production will stream on Netflix early 2022 – will follow beautiful, young, affluent, and A-list media personalities from South Africa, Nigeria and East Africa.

They are Africa’s brightest in music, media, fashion, and Instagram all coming together in the City of Gold to find love, rekindle old flames and reboot struggling relationships.

The Wire spoke with Hyde, a highly celebrated British-Ghanaian TV host, journalist, entrepreneur and activist about this pop-culture phenomenon about to go global.

TW: We are so excited for South African and African stories to be showcased. How did you come up with the concept?

PH: One of my favourite proverbs is “Until the lion learns how to write, the story of the hunt will always glorify the hunter.” This proverb has inspired me to be intentional in creating opportunities for Africans to tell our own authentic stories. As a writer and content creator I have been blessed with the opportunity to interview and work with some of the most remarkable individuals and entrepreneurs from all over the African continent. I have always dreamed of creating a concept that projects to the world the beauty and talent our continent possesses, so I shared this dream with my Co-creator Martin Asare and as they say the rest is history. What is amazing about this project is being able to show the rest of the world the Africa that I have come to know and love and the Africa the rest of the world has not seen. In that regard, we are challenging misconceptions and dated narratives about what Africa is like and what it means to be African.

TW:  You have a fantastic cast of the who’s who in African talent. Was casting difficult or challenging in bringing together high-profile stars for this project?

PH: This was perhaps one of the most difficult processes we had to undergo as a creative team. The continent has so many remarkable talented success stories and we wanted to get a cast that represented all the major pan African countries. So, we whittled it down from a potential pool of 20 stars to our top 8 cast who represent South Africa, East Africa, and West Africa.

TW:  This is such a great way for Africa to get to know the cast of stars in a whole new way, by seeing them in the Reality Show format. Is this part of the narrative of the show?

PH: Without giving too much away, I think our format is going to reinvent the genre of reality tv on the African continent. For the first time we get to delve behind the superstar brands of some of the most talented African creatives in a way that has never been seen on TV before. And we are terribly excited to show the world African excellence in action.

TW:  Is there anything we should specifically look forward to?

PH: Everything about Young, Famous and African is authentic, impactful and something we are proud to show the world. An incredible team and the best creative minds have ensured that we left no stone unturned in bringing what we honestly believe is a great representation of Africa to the world. There is something for everyone to take away from this project, so I think it would be an injustice to pinpoint only one aspect worth looking forward to.


from South Africa, Nigeria, and East Africa

“Africa is a continent of beauty, talent, power and culture; for too long the media have projected one dimensional images of our motherland globally. Young, Famous and African demonstrates the new Africa which we are excited for the world to see!” – Peace Hyde Creator/Executive Producer.

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