Nana Kwasi Wiafe – Fashion Darling & Master Storyteller.

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  • Providence: Ghana.
  • More than style – storytelling.
  • Power Collabs with top international brands & talent.
  • How collaborations can change up the narrative.

The African Storyteller

Nana Kwasi Wiafe’s sheer volume of talent gallops over the edge of exceptional into the realms of virtuosity. He has unapologetically established himself as a cultural ambassador, creative director, model, and designer within the global creative space. Although he wears many creative hats, Nana steers away from adhering to a single title, being more in favor of guiding his many talents into one single purpose – storytelling. 

Nana is the creative director of ‘ThouArtKwasi’, a high-end fashion styling brand creating editorial looks whose aesthetics reflect the stories of brands and individuals. He is also the founder of ‘Very Ghanaian’, a travel lifestyle brand aimed at reinforcing and inspiring African patriotism, identity and a rediscovered love for his nation that deftly weaves his distinctive capacity for storytelling with garments to great global appeal.

Born Gideon Akwasi Wiafe, in Accra, Ghana, Nana (31) arrived on the fashion scene after being photographed by celebrated Ghanaian photographers Joshua Kissi and Prince Gyasi. He has since been featured in local and international publications including Vogue, CNN Africa, BET International, BBC, GQ, Nowness, Afropunk, OkayAfrica, Nataal Media, Le Magazine du Monde and Debonair Afrik. 


Recognized for his multiple collaborations with internationally celebrated artists, designers and brands, including Dior, Diesel, Apple, HBO, Essence, Shatta Wale, Vlisco, Ozward Boateng, Maxhosa, Loza Malèmbho, Skepta, Amaarae, Sarkodie, and Thebe Magugu, Nana is leading Ghanaian creatives who are invested in promoting West African talent and craft. 

He was part of the styling team working on Beyonce’s 2020 visual album, ‘Black is King’ last year, for which he won an Emmy award for ‘Outstanding Costumes’. Nana is also the stylist behind British-Ghanaian actress Michaela Coel’s iconic look for Variety Magazine’s May 2021 issue. Coel, recently named the most influential black woman in the UK, was dressed in bold Kente prints and golden accessories inspired by the bravery and strength of the Ashanti queens from Ghana. Nana used this look as an opportunity to use Coel as a voice for female empowerment and a beacon of hope, reminding us not to “keep their African queens in the kitchen”.


Changing the narrative

Nana believes that collaboration is the only way forward for aspiring Ghanaian artists and creatives. You can’t do it by yourself, he says. Proud of his nation’s creatives, he encourages them to stand together to change the narrative, embrace who they are entirely, and avoid keeping their ideas to themselves. 

With a global eye on Africa, Nana joins forces with creatives across Africa and the diaspora gradually making an impact and breaking new ground to tell their true African stories. Now, more than ever, African creatives across the world are driven to protect and represent their culture and heritage wholeheartedly.  Nana is committed to showing us how creative, talented, and hardworking Africans are. With so much to offer the world, the young artist is adamant to empower local aspiring artists and is vocal about the current pay gap existing between local and international creative collaborators.

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