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Top 5 African Visual Artists to watch in 2023

by | Dec 11, 2022 | Africa Celebrates, CSA Celebrates, Design, Entertainment, Fashion, Music, Talent, The Wire

  • Blackness at the centre of the narrative.
  • Dynamic, full of life and vital.
  • A new aesthetic .
  • Filtering into the global consciousness.

Rendani Nemakhavhani (PR$DNT HONEY)

@prsdnthoney – South Africa

Rendani Nemakhavhani (aka PR$DNT HONEY) is a multifaceted South Africa artist, graphic designer and art director inspired and influenced by Black people, African aesthetics, and cultures. Nemakhavhani’s work also interrogates the positive narratives that exist within Blackness.  Her style is known for infusing her illustration and graphic design skills in creating vivid and bold artworks.

Linda Dounia Rebeiz

@sandwyrmdance – Senegal

Linda Dounia Rebeiz is a Lebanese-Senegalese artist, visual designer and writer based in Dakar, whose work focuses on the social construction of power, and how that power is distributed. Rebeiz is also a founding member of Cyber Baat, a decentralised, autonomous collective of African descent on the blockchain.

Abraham Ogunlende

@abeogunlende – Nigeria

Abraham Ogunlende draws inspiration from minimalist compositions, friends, family and personal experiences, creating scenes in his signature pastel-colour palette. The Nigerian contemporary artist combines colours in such a way that you can’t help but feel the serotonin. Ogunlende’s works include paintings and a sculptural series which he describes as “breaking through what’s possible”.

Greatjoy Ndlovu

@greatjoy_n – Zimbabwe

The critically acclaimed, Zimbabwean-born visual artist is known for his abstract figurative art portraiture pieces that illustrate emotion, motion, and expression. Recognised for exploring inner human emotions such as mourning, optimism, and frustration rather than depicting our external realities, Greatjoy’s artwork captures emotion through expressive paint strokes, pencil work, and purposeful colour palette choice.

Yolanda Mazwana

@yolandamazwana_art_ – South Africa

Johannesburg-based, Yolanda Mazwana is a self-taught visual artist who specialises in expressive painting. Her artistic storytelling delves into pertinent social issues such as mental illness, phobias, and relationships. The abstract style within Mazwana’s pieces marries expressionism, neo-expressionism, and symbolism to voice social commentary on mental and emotional vulnerabilities that confront people within society.

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