CSA Global hits gold at CREATIVE X with inter-agency Stella Artois “Wet Paint” campaign

by | Feb 9, 2021 | Events and Competitions, Media Industry, The Wire

The Creative X Awards were held virtually in Johannesburg recently and the exceptional Stella Artois “Wet Paint” campaign hit all the right notes.

  • About CREATIVE X
  • About the Stella Artois Wet Paint Campaign
  • How CSA Global was involved.
  • A team effort


Creative X is the AbInBev Creative Excellence program built to cultivate and inspire creativity across their business. The program is aligned with Industry Judging Standards, working close to institutions and awards like ANA, WFA, WARC, CANNES LIONS and Effie. KPI’s required for submissions to the annual awards have been fine-tuned in each category to ensure the work awarded is both creative and effective.

What “Wet Paint” was about

The Stella Artois “Wet Paint” campaign took the form of a social experiment in which eight artworks were painted onto benches (along with “wet paint” signs) by artists Baba Tjeko and Curious Lauren and placed at the busiest public spaces in South Africa. People’s unconscious change in behavior was captured on film and then shared digitally with the intention of showing how South Africans could still be together yet apart.

How CSA Global was involved

CSA handled all the publicity for “Wet Paint”, creating positive brand association & talk ability while keeping social distancing top of mind, and then amplifying the narrative across all media, including radio, TV, print and digital.

A team effort

CSA is proud to have been involved in the campaign along with the Stella Africa Zone Team, Draftline, King James and Vizeum. The impact of the campaign and its important narrative realized its potential in possibly saving lives by inspiring people to be socially distanced without being anti-social. And the legacy lives on: after the campaign, the eight artistic benches were donated to and now take pride of place in the Johannesburg Botanical Gardens.

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