How Skateboarder Pro Jean-Marc is training for the Olympics 2021

by | Feb 8, 2021 | Athlete Sports, Athletes, Events and Competitions, Interviews, Olympics, Skateboarding, Talent, The Wire

  • A peek into his Olympic Training format
  • Endurance builds resilience
  • Do Skateboarders need muscles?
  • It’s all about the core

The Wire: How has your training changed as the 2021 Olympic date draws closer?

JM: My training has definitely increased. I am doing more and also being more strategic. There is also a specific focus on endurance in my training regime.

Why this new focus on endurance?

Creating an emphasis on endurance training allows me to progress from heat to heat and not burn out while competing.

What does your current training schedule look like?

Four weekly skateboarding sessions (Mon, Tues, Thurs, Sat), three weekly endurance and physical training sessions (Mon, Wed, Fri). Sunday is my day of rest!

How have you factored running into your endurance training?

The endurance training is not like that of a long-distance runner where you need to conserve that burst of energy at the very end. Rather this is short burst training. So, for example, I run for short distances like 5km within three to four minutes, expending short bursts of energy with equally short recovery periods. This trains my body and lung capacity to ignite short impactful bursts of energy to skate, increase momentum and power tricks.

What does strength training look like on a skateboarder?

I have always asked the question, “Do skateboarders need muscles?” The short answer is, “Yes they do”. Between balance and propulsion on skateboard, all is governed by your core. I do a lot of core strengthening exercises. It also prevents a lot injury. In fact, I now first activate my core before I skate or train.

Is training on your own difficult or eventually rewarding?

The Nike Living Room Challenge, during lockdown last year, really opened my eyes. Motivation can be difficult when you train on your own. But building your own focus can be rewarding. When I could eventually master (Liverpool defender) Virgil van Dijk’s Nike Living Room Challenge, I knew I was in a condition of training that I was happy with, and in a place from where I could effectively and strategically build.

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