CSA X SONY: Your Music Industry plug into trends, who is going GOLD, who is brand ready?

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  • Access to Certified Gold Artists
  • Creating unique brand opportunities
  • Get the scoop on new talent

The venture between CSA and Sony Music Entertainment Africa (SMEA) is going to be an industry disrupter. It has set an innovative template for the way the business of music is evolving in South Africa. Through this alignment of one of SA’s leading communications agencies and Africa’s record label powerhouse, a dedicated universe of opportunities, relationships and synergies have opened-up for both artists and brands.

Access to Certified Gold Artists

By way of an exclusive monthly communications update – On The Radar – Brand Managers now have easy access to Certified Gold Artists. In music biz-speak, Gold equals 15,000 Units, 120 streams equals 1 unit and an Artist requires 125,000 streams to hit GOLD. The monthly update will provide alerts as to which artists are hitting Certified Gold status. These are the artists resonating with the market in terms of listenership. For Brand Managers looking for the right influencer brand-partnerships, CSA x SONY will become an indispensable partner in identifying those who shape cultural relevance and are hooked directly into music trends. More importantly, we will help you cast the next big star in your campaign.

Creating unique brand opportunities

As a leading brand-talent & communications agency, CSA’s strength lies in culturally relevant storytelling and identifying ways to integrate a talent authentically into the brand narrative, and vice versa. As such, CSA x SONY affords brands not only a direct line to established artists who ride the top of the charts and command exceptional social media followings, but storytelling capabilities for immersive IGTV video content, digital ad campaigns, interactive product launches, and TV Shows, amongst a variety of options. We present a turn-key solution unlocking and amplifying Brand narratives like never before.

Headlining new talent and business decisions

This monthly update also gives Brand managers a front row view to the discovery of new talent and, as trends and trend makers evolve from the underground, you will be the first to know who is breaking into the music scene. This is designed to keep all your decision making regarding your brand’s story fresh, relevant, and impactful.

Be part of this innovative inner circle by contacting CSA today and subscribing to CSA x SONY ‘On The Radar’ mailing list.

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